• To advise Court on matters of governance and conduct reviews of the University's governance on its behalf;
  • To ensure the University has met the requirements of the Scottish Code of Good HE Governance;
  • To recommend to Court the process to be undertaken in the appointment or re-appointment of a Principal;
  • To make recommendations to Court on the appointment of independent members of Court, and Court representatives on Court and joint Court/Senate Committees;
  • To advise Court on the process for the appointment and election of the Senior Governor as required;
  • To monitor Court members’ compliance with the Code of Conduct for Members of Court, including upholding the nine principles of Public Life in Scotland; and to undertake those duties ascribed to it by Resolution No 288 of 2017 (Procedure for Removal of members of the University Court);
  • To monitor the operation of the University's Code of Practice on Conflicts of Interest and to make reports and recommendations to the University Court;
  • To review annual declarations of interest and to take further action where required.
  • To consider and, if appropriate, approve requests for the holding of shares, executive directorships, or other directorships;
  • To give advice regarding any matter of University governance or potential area of conflict of interest referred to it (e.g. international collaboration, ethical or reputational issues);
  • To consider all prospective donations of £1M or more, and any other prospective donations with the potential to give rise to significant ethical or public interest and to advise Court as appropriate.  To ensure the University has appropriate policies and guidance in place relating to the same;
  • To consider and recommend to Court nominations for the award of University Benefactor.
Composition & Membership



  • Court Member


  • Five Independent Members: one of whom to be Convener (the Convener should not also serve as the Senior Governor of Court or Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee); The Senior Independent Member should also normally be a member of the Committee.
  • Principal (or Senior Vice-Principal as alternate with agreement of Convener)
  • A staff member of Court (who is not a Senate Assessor and who may be another elected staff member of Court or trade union nominated member of Court)
  • A Senate Assessor
  • A Students’ Association nominated member of Court

In addition the Committee will have the power to co-opt additional members subject to the approval of Court.

In attendance:

  • University Secretary


  • 50% of formal membership (including Convener)

Account to be taken of Equality and Diversity in membership

Membership 2018/2019   


  • Mr J Hall


  • Ms E Roberton (wef 1 April 2019)
  • Mrs J Shirreffs
  • Mrs L Jack
  • Mr I Mackay
  • Principal/Professor K Leydecker
  • Dr M Mills - with Mrs J Fernandes as alternate
  • Professor J Schaper - alternate tbc
  • Mr L Ogubie


Number of Meetings: The Committee shall normally meet three times per academic year.