Date of establishment

19 May 2021

Chair and administrative support area

Chair:      Vice-Principal (Education)
Clerk:      Morag MacRae


A steering group of the University Education Committee that develops an approach which addresses embedded racial stereotypes and/or limited perspectives in the curriculum and supports Schools to develop learning materials which offer students a rich diversity of views and role models.

Remit (To be reviewed annually at first meeting of committee cycle)  

  1. Develop a partnership and collaborative approach to working practices and the formulation of strategy, policies and guidance for the delivery of the purpose of the group.
  2. Develop a set of principles and definitions that articulate the vision for the work of the group and the wider institutional goals associated with the group’s purpose.
  3. Undertake a scoping exercise to understand the existing curriculum practices, and from there identify both good practice and gaps for action.
  4. Put in place an institutional action plan for the work, and monitor progress on the action plan.
  5. Support Schools and Professional Services to develop their own plans to address the agreed vision and principles.
  6. Develop a good practice toolkit and staff training for Schools so that they can:
    a. Utilise evidence-based approaches to support their curriculum work
    b. Gain literacy on decolonising curricula
  7. Develop internal and external partnerships that will enrich the work of the group and enable the sharing of good practice.
  8. Put in place an evaluation strategy.

Reporting line/ Parent committee and interface with other committees

Formal reporting line: University Education Committee

Interface with other committees: School Education Committees; EDIC; Race Equality Strategy Group

Frequency and timing of meetings

A minimum of five meetings per session normally preceding the Race Equality Strategy Group Meetings between 10.00 am-4.00 pm in accordance with University Policy.

Publication of papers      

Cognisance will be taken of the University’s Publication Scheme and Agenda papers will be made available on web pages/StaffNet.

Date establishment of committee approved/recorded  

19 May 2021



  • Vice-Principal (Education)


  • Vice-President for Education of the Students’ Association 
  • Sabbatical Officer
  • School student representatives (number tbc)
  • School Education Committee Conveners
  • Dean for Student Support
  • Dean for Educational Innovation
  • Dean for Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Dean of Portfolio Development and Programme Promotion
  • Conveners of each of the Race Equality Networks 
  • Representatives of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students Forum

In attendance

  • Director of Academic Services and Online Education
  • Academic Registrar
  • Representative for the Centre for Academic Development (CAD)
  • University Librarian

Account to be taken of equality and diversity in membership

Membership 2020/21
Chair: Vice Principal (Education) Ruth Taylor
Vice-President for Education, AUSA Ondrej Kucerak
Vice-President for Communities, AUSA Camilo Torres-Barragan
School Student Representatives

Sofia Puenetes Ferreira

Natasha Simmonds

Dean for Student Support Abbe Brown
Deputy Chair, Dean for Educational Innovation Kirsty Kiezebrink
Dean for Quality Assurance and Enhancement Vacant
Dean of Portfolio Development and Programme Promotion Anne Michelle Slater
Convenor of the Race Equality Network

Ritu Vij

Representatives of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students Forum

Vanessa Mabonso Nzolo 

Nurah Niazy 

Conveners of each of the School Education Committees  
School of Biological Sciences Ana Payo-Payo
Business School

Mark Whittington

Cheryl Dowie

School of Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History Richard Anderson
School of Education Liz Curtis
School of Engineering Israel Osofero
School of Geosciences Josh Wright
School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Liz Elliott
School of Law Titilayo Adebola
School of Psychology Jason Bohan
School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition Ching-Wa Chung
School of Natural and Computing Sciences Nigel Beacham
School of Social Science Ritu Vij
Director of Academic Services and Online Education Gillian Mackintosh
Academic Registrar Rachael Bernard
Representative for the Centre for Academic Development Darren Comber
University Librarian Simon Bains
Clerk Morag MacRae