Commercialisation Committee

Commercialisation Committee


The Commercialisation Committee was established in September 2022 to oversee the development and resource requirements of the University’s strategic approach to commercialisation of research and innovation.

Membership 2023-24


  • Mr Otto Thoresen (Chair)
  • Ms Julie Ashworth (Senior Governor)
  • Mr Gary McRae
  • Ms Martina Chukwuma-Ezike (Rector)
  • Mr Martin Barker (Staff)
  • Prof. Joachim Schaper (Senate)

External/Co-opted Members: Vacancies (2)

Clerk: Jan Whitfield

In attendance

  • University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer
  • Vice-Principal Regional Engagement
  • Director of Research & Innovation
  • Head of Governance & Executive Support


  • To consider and make recommendations to Court on the University’s overall commercialisation strategy. This is expected to require development of an understanding of the commercialisation pipeline or ecosystem and the identification of existing barriers or bottlenecks and the appropriate infrastructure, resourcing and interventions required to support a smooth flow through the pipeline.
  • Oversee the development of major investment proposals in the commercialisation infrastructure and/or individual spinouts, prior to financial consideration by Finance & Resourcing Committee.
  • Oversee monitoring of the performance of the University’s consultancy, spin-out and joint venture companies.
  • Oversee the university’s policies on Intellectual Property and Consultancy.
  • Oversee the creation, dissolution or sale of University subsidiary companies (supported by the relevant Executive Committee).