Guidelines for Digital Displays

Guidelines for Digital Displays

The University’s digital displays (you may also have heard these called plasmas or digital screens) can be used to promote University news and events across Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill.

In order to make your advert eye-catching on the digital displays, please follow these guidelines:

  • Images: Make sure your images are high quality and prominent in your ad. Remember, if it’s blurry on your monitor it will be very hard to make out on a much larger screen.
  • Text: Keep the text in your advert concise, 20-30 words max. Include only the key details and a link to more information when relevant. Make sure the text is large enough to read, it should be a minimum font size of 70pt for titles and 45pt for any additional text, if this is required. Slides are only displayed for 10 seconds at a time, test if you and your colleagues can read all the text in that time.
  • Sizes: Make sure your adverts are the correct size, 1920x1080 px, or 16x9 in PowerPoint. These should be converted to a JPEG or PNG. All of the displays are landscape.
  • Videos: Should be no longer than 60 seconds. Please note there is no sound on the screens.

Additional notes

  • Requests to display an advert or video on the digital displays should be submitted to
  • Communications can only add to all University screens, if you’d like your advert to be displayed in a particular location please contact the local administrator in the building you’d like this displayed in.
  • Slides can be displayed for up to two weeks at a time. If dates are not specified, a slide will usually be added the same day the request is received and expire 14 days later. 
  • You can request for a slide to be shown more than once. However, users must re-supply the slide with the new dates required each time. 
  • No more than 2 slides will be displayed per department at any one time.
  • Only one research study will be shown centrally for seven days at a time, or until the next request is received.  
  • Only two videos will be displayed centrally at any one time.
  • The Communications team will deny requests to display low quality slides, or content which is not related to the University. 

Contact Details

The Communications team can only add to all University screens. If you’d like your advert to be displayed in a particular location please use the below list to find contact details for the building you’d like this displayed in.