On these pages you will find links to important information relating to policies, procedures, support services and useful contacts.

Information on all the University's Regulations & Guidance can be found in the Academic Quality Handbook.

Regulations and Code of Practice
Useful Contacts
School/Discipline PGR Co-ordinator PGR Administrator
Graduate School
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Business School Professor Chandana Alawattage Julia Braik Ann-Marie Johnston
Divinitiy, History and Philosophy

 Dr Jackson Armstrong

Farida Ali Ann-Marie Johnston

Dr Rachel Shanks

Dr Liz Curtis

Dr David Johnston

Liz Robertson Ann-Marie Johnston
Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Dr Andrew Gordon Julia Kotzur Ann-Marie Johnston
Law Professor Roy Partain Joanna Kunzlick Ann-Marie Johnston
Social Sciences Dr Andrew McKinnon Kerry Boyne Ann-Marie Johnston
Life and Medical Sciences
Biological Sciences

Professor Chris Secombes

Professor Paul Hallett

Fiona Barr Fiona Insch
Medical Sciences, Medicine and Nutrition

Dr Charles Bestwick
(Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health)

Dr Rasha Abu Eid

Dr Kirsty Kiezebrink
(Institute of Applied Health Sciences)

Dr Sam Miller
(Institute of Medical Sciences)

Dr Andy Welch             (Institute for Medical Education)

Alison Mcleod Fiona Insch
Psychology Dr Amelia Hunt  Catherine Sutherland Fiona Insch
Physical Sciences

Professor Tom O’Donoghue 

Avril Rossiter Cheryl Croydon

Dr Charlotta Hillerdal (Archaeology)

Professor John Howell

Dr Brice Rea 

Julie Forbes Cheryl Croydon
Natural and Computing Sciences

Professor Marcel Jaspars

Professor George Coghill
(Computing Science)

Dr Ran Levi

Dr Ekke Ullner

Lyn Harrison Cheryl Croydon
Changes to Study (Extensions, Suspensions, Full/Part-time study)
Policies and Procedures
Thesis Submission and Examination
Research Governance and Ethics
Monitoring and Progress
Training and Development
Research Outputs and Information Systems
Finance and Funding