Where possible students should discuss their intention to withdraw with their supervisor/supervisory team, the PGR School, Student Support staff or Registry Officer. Withdrawal forms can be found on the University website. 

If you withdraw from study prematurely, your case will be considered to ascertain if you may be entitled to a partial rebate of tuition fees paid. This is assessed depending on the point in the academic year when you withdraw and also whether you have paid all accommodation, library, phone bills etc to the University, where applicable. Registry will assess whether any refund of fees is due. 

Students must submit a withdrawal form to Registry shortly after the decision has been made to withdraw from study. The date of withdrawal will normally be the date the form is received by the Registry and will not normally be applied retrospectively. Tuition fees will be charged up until the date of withdrawal.

The University is obliged to report International Students who are studying on a Tier 4 visa to the UKVI as no longer being in attendance, if they have withdrawn from study. Students should refer to the terms of their visa.