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Professor Graeme Nixon Dean for Postgraduate Research +44(0)1224 274242
Cheryl Croydon PGR School Adviser (Recruitment and Admissions) +44 (0)1224 273774
Fiona Insch PGR School Adviser (Monitoring and Progression) +44(0)1224 274590
Ann-Marie Johnston PGR School Adviser (Studentships) +44(0)1224273181

Dr Lucy Leiper

PGR School Manager

+44(0)1224 274580

Kim Paterson PGR School Administrator (Engineering and Geosciences, Natural Computing Science) +44(0)1224 273028

Lynn Quick

PGR School Administrator (SMMSN)

+44(0)1224 272081

Adam Ranken PGR School Marketing Intern +44(0)1224 274242

Nic Stokes

PGR School Administrator (Monitoring & Progression)

+44(0)1224 273625

Michael Tuckwell PGR School Administrator Assistant +44(0)1224 274242