PGR Coordinators are experienced members of staff with extensive knowledge of your School, Discipline and/or Institute’s research. You may come across them if you attend Student-Staff Liaison Committees. They will also organise the nomination of Student Representatives. Other work undertaken by PGR School Coordinators includes:

•    overseeing the review of applications from intending PhD/MRes or MSc by research students. Offers and rejections require their approval
•    sitting on interview panels for competitive studentships, as appropriate
•    induction of new research students, advises research students on school/discipline/institute formal progression and assessment procedures
•    nominating Advisers or Mentors where these are appointed
•    preparing the PhD Students’ Handbook (which could be at School or Discipline Level)
•    overseeing the Formal Progression arrangements, including the appointment of assessors/examiners to the panel
•    dealing with all issues concerning PGRs which are referred to them by their Head of School, supervisors from the relevant area or the PGR School
•    dealing with disciplinary issues concerning research students