PGR Representatives & AUSA

PGR Representatives & AUSA

The Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA) exists to promote the interests of all matriculated students and to communicate on their behalf with the University authorities on matters affecting students. AUSA also provides a wide range of services. Full details can be found at

PGR reps are elected at the beginning of an academic year or semester and represent your views and concerns about courses or programmes, ensuring they are the best they can be.

Doctoral Reps Group

Each PGR rep is also a member of the Doctoral Reps Group, which meets regularly with the PGR School to discuss PGR matters. 

The Doctoral Reps group provides a platform for School PGR reps to collectively represent the PGR community. It provides a direct line of engagement between all UoA PGRs, the PGR School and University committees. Members of the Doctoral Reps Group attend various university committees and working groups including the PGR Committee, Research Policy Commitee, PGR Task and Finish Group. 

Together the Doctoral Reps Group helps to:

  • inform policy development
  • highlight good practice and issues/areas for development
  • Training and Development needs
  • Promotes cross-school collaboration, enhancing the doctoral experience

You can find out more information on the AUSA webpages and meet your current PGR Rep on our research community pages