Registration and Course Administration

Registration and Course Administration

Classes for most Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught courses begin during the week commencing Monday 19 September 2022.  All students are to be in Aberdeen, registered, and ready to begin their studies in person by this date (approved distance learning students excluded).

Monday, 3 October 2022* is the absolute deadline after which students will not be permitted to:

  • register on their programme of study
  • begin their studies online
  • change their course selections for first semester courses where teaching started week commencing 19 September 2022

*Some courses and programmes have an earlier deadline date, including PgT Block taught programmes.

Online Registration Support

Important - For those who have requested an internal transfer of degree, do not attempt Online Registration until you have been notified by a Registry Officer that your transfer has been processed.

Remember that as a returning student you will still need to:

  • complete Online Registration and
  • register for your courses via MyCurriculum

Please note: Online registration and MyCurriculum will open to you on set dates, depending upon your year and programme of study. Information on when the systems will open to you can be found here.

You will need to complete Online Registration before you can register for your courses using MyCurriculum.  There is a wait between completing Online Registration and being able to access MyCurriculum.  At busy times this can be up to 2 hours.

New Students

Information on how to become a registered student is available on the registration pages of the New Student Website

Continuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students

Every continuing or returning student must re-register at the start of each new academic year by following the steps below.

  • Step 1 - Online Registration (available here)
    To confirm your personal, financial and academic details (preferably, before you arrive).
  • Step 2 - Diagnostic Test(s) (more information on the MyCurriculum pages).
    For some degree programmes (eg French, Hispanic Studies), and to be able to take certain courses (eg counselling skills, mathematics), there are diagnostic tests to help you choose the correct course for your level of knowledge and experience. Tests are taken online and should be taken before choosing your courses.
  • Step 3 - Choose your courses 
    To confirm your academic curriculum. For details on how to choose your courses, please check the MyCurriculum webpages for further information and important dates. Exchange students will choose their courses with their Go Abroad Tutor.
  • Step 4 – Choose your Tutorials and Download your Timetable 
    Once your course choices are confirmed, you will be able to choose your tutorials, practicals and labs (where applicable) online using MyTimetable and then download your personalised timetable. Further information is available on the MyCurriculum webpages. Exchange students will be able to access this after they have chosen their courses.
  • Step 5 - University Orientation
    Continuing students should undertake the University's Orientation programme, which acts as a reminder on all of the essential information you will need to prepare for and commence your student life.
  • Step 6 - Visa checks (relates only to Tier 4 students, or those with a new visa)
    Continuing students will be emailed with information on the time and place of the next visa check. Further information is available at Tier 4 and Immigration.
  • Step 7 - Download the UoA Student Guide app
    The UoA Student Guide has everything you need to know as a student of the University of Aberdeen! It is packed with lots of information to help you navigate coming back to Uni, and the weeks that follow. The guide also enables you to find the events and activities that you are required to attend, (and the fun ones too!), and add them to your personalised calendar within the app. 
Continuing Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate research students are required to re-register by the start of each academic year on 1 October.  Research students must complete Online Registration in order to remain registered and will be contacted at their University email address in mid-August to invite them to re-register.

Re-registration is vital to ensure continued registration for the degree and access to University facilities.

Visa checks (relates only to Tier 4 students, or those with a new visa)
Continuing students will be emailed with information on the time and place of the next visa check. Further information is available at Tier 4 and Immigration.

Continuing Online Students

Most online students are required to complete Online Registration by the start of September of each year, in advance of the new academic year starting.  Students will be contacted at their University email account in mid-August to invite them to re-register. Those who do not need to complete Online Registration are listed below.  Students on these programmes will remain registered until the completion of their studies and are not required to take steps to actively re-register.

Online students are not required to complete MyCurriculum.

The online students not required to complete Online Registration are:

Distance Learning Access English

Distance Learning Access Mathematics (SCQF 6)

Distance Learning Access English and Mathematics (SCQF 6)

Distance Learning Access English and Mathematics (SCQF 5)

Distance Learning Access Mathematics (SCQF 5)

MBA (global) (Online - with IDI)

Master of Science Finance (Online - with IDI)

Professional Certificate in Energy Economics & Finance (Online)