Orientation takes place every year, and consists of a varied programme of interactive sessions. These are designed to introduce new students to the University and all of the different systems, departments and ideals that we share here, as a way of helping you to settle in. However, Orientation is open to all, and can also be helpful as a refresher for any returning students.

New Student Orientation Sessions

Below you can find the presentation materials uploaded from New Student Orientation.

Aberdeen University Students' Association (AUSA)

AUSA plays an important role in student life. AUSA represents you, supports you, runs campaigns on things that matter to you, offers hundreds of societies, sports clubs, and volunteering opportunities for you to explore your interests and talents, and works hard to make your time in Aberdeen a fantastic experience. AUSA is a democratic organisation with a range of committees for you to get involved in, and hosts meetings throughout the year where you can put forward policy to create changes within AUSA, the University, and the local community.

For more information on AUSA, head to their website or download their app.

You can also find the digital version of this session below.

Explore Scotland

For this session, two advisers from Aberdeen’s Visit Scotland iCentre will be coming to campus to share their expertise on the best spots to travel to in Scotland and around Aberdeen, and giving all the logistical tips and tricks you’ll need. For anyone who is new to Aberdeen (or Scotland entirely!), this is definitely a must-do.

You can find out more about what they had to say on the Visit Scotland website.

We would also reccommend the Visit Aberdeen as a great resource for discovering new places and sights around the city.

Library and IT

Make a confident start to your studies by getting to know more about how to find books in the library, borrowing, PINs, PC classrooms and study spaces, file space and safe storage of documents, cyber security, printing, scanning and copying, how to access library materials and your documents when off-campus. We will also talk you through Microsoft 365 software and where to get IT and Library help.

This session also includes a short tour of our award-winning Sir Duncan Rice library. Discover how to find books and journals to support your studies, what study spaces we offer to meet individual and group working needs, and where to come for help or assistance if you need it. If the weather is nice you can even enjoy the view from Floor 7, over the entire campus, all the way to the sea!

You can find digitial versions and links to audio recordings of the presentations below!

Library Presentation

Library audio recording

IT Presentation

IT audio recording


Money & Banking

For many people entering higher education, university will be their first experience of independently managing personal finances. Come along to this session for advice on how to manage your money during your time at university. This will include topics like budgeting, tips for setting up a bank account, and a run-down of the different support services available to you for assistance with money matters.

You can try the 'saver or spender' quiz from the session here, and can also download the student advisers' personal budget planner here.

You can also find the digital version of this session below.

Private Accommodation

If you're arriving with a family, or are just choosing not to live in university accommodation; this session will focus on navigating the private rental market here in Aberdeen.

For more information on housing, including University accommodation, head to the accommodation webpages.

You can also find the digitial version of this session below.

Respect & Etiquette at University

Knowing how to be a respectful member of the University community is absolutely essential to a successful and fulfilling time here, from understanding the etiquette of online communication, to being aware of issues like consent when interacting with other people. This session covers the major aspects of how to effectively communicate online and will also feature a presentation from Choices Aberdeen, who will explain how we can all correctly navigate the issue of consent at university. This session will also provide an introduction to the brand new Report & Support tool. 

Click here to find out more about Report and Support, the University's new confidential tool for reporting sexual harrassment and violence.

You can find a digital version of this session below.

Studying for University

Moving from High School or A Levels to university, or from another country to study in a new place can be a huge challenge. This session will provide advice on how to study effectively at University, covering topics such as improving time management and planning, note-taking, and exam revision techniques, with the intention of leaving you equipped and prepared for the next step.

The Student Learning Service website is a great resource for finding out how you can study more effectively and achieve higher marks.

You can also find a digital version of this session below. 

Staying Safe & Well at University

Moving away from home (or returning to formal education) means new experiences and places, both of which make knowing how to look after your mental and physical wellbeing crucial. This interactive session will provide you with practical advice on how to stay healthy, keep safe and maintain your wellbeing while at university. The session will also include an introduction to our ‘SafeZone’ app and touch on the important subject of sexual health and wellbeing at university. 

You can find out more about how to stay safe and well at University by heading to the student support webpages

Why not check out some of the upcoming BeWell events on Facebook or in the students events page.

You can also view the digital version of this session below.

Simply Living in Aberdeen

During this laid-back session, your Student Experience Team will give you some handy tips for navigating life in Aberdeen. Hear the secrets about how to save money while shopping, how the transportation works, the best spots in town to try and what's available at the International Centre throughout the year. You'll also hear from our AberGreen society, with loads of tips and tricks for living more sustainably on campus!

You can keep up to date with student events via the Students Events webpage, and can also see what's on at the International Centre via their Facebook page

Information on AberGreen and the projects and events that they run can be found via the AUSA website.

You can also find the digital version of this session below. 

That Department Does What?

It can be difficult when you arrive to know which responsibilities each office/department has and who you should speak to with different concerns, issues, questions or problems. This session will introduce you to the structure of the University and will break it down into the sections and areas that are most important for you! It will cover the roles of key people in your student journey and the various places to go for help or advice. In addition, it will flag lots of places where you can gain extra experience, seek opportunities and really enhance your student experience at this university.

This session was recorded using panapto. You can view the recording of this session below.

Understanding the NHS

Learn how to look after your health at university and navigate the NHS system, from registering with a GP, to collecting a prescription from a pharmacy and accessing NHS services.

Support on a number of issues relating to physical health and navigating the health services in Aberdeen can be found here.

You can also find a digital version of this session below.

Working Part-Time While Studying

Students often look for part time work alongside their studies to supplement their income from their families, government bodies, or student loans. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to find a part time job and how to present yourself at the interview. This session aims to alleviate those concerns and explain how you can find part time work while you study.

You can find more information on the Careers website.

Students can also make use of CareerConnect, a useful resource with lots of job postings and different opportunities.

You can also find a digital version of this session below.

Your Place in Aberdeen

Aberdeen and our University of Aberdeen community are both incredibly diverse environments. To understand how a drive towards equality has shaped the city, and how this will affect your time here, be sure to attend this session!

You can view the full Equality and Diversity Policy Statement of the University here.

You can also find a digital version of this session below.