Details on the different funding bodies for undergraduate students, fee rates and information on how to make a payment as well as bursaries, scholarships and financial support for students.

Council Tax

Undergraduate students

Council Tax is a local tax payable to the Local Authority. Students should not require Council Tax Certificates as lists of all full-time registered students are sent to Aberdeen City Council at the start of each academic year. However, if you pay Council Tax to another Authority or encounter problems with Aberdeen City Council you can obtain a Council Tax Certificate from the Infohub.


Taught students

If you are a full-time taught student, you are automatically exempt from paying Council tax. You can ask for a confirmation of your student status at the Infohub.


If you were a full-time student during your supervised study period, and you live in Aberdeen, you can apply for council tax exemption for up to 12 months if you have applied for an extension for writing-up.

Please note that this is an agreement with Aberdeen City Council only, and is for a maximum of 12 months from completion of your supervised study period.

Additional Information

Aberdeen City Council defines a full-time student as "a person who is studying for at least 21 hours per week, who is required to attend for at least 24 weeks per year and whose course lasts for at least one academic year." 

Part-time students who satisfy the above criteria and need a letter for Council Tax purposes can apply for a confirmation of registration letter from the Online Store. When placing the order, these students should use the Additional Information text box to note that the confirmation of registration letter is for Council Tax purposes. (This only applies to undergraduate and postgraduate taught students because postgraduate research students already have a process in place.)

Aberdeen-based students who need to apply for Council Tax exemption or discount can do this through the Aberdeen City Council website. If students have any other specific enquiries regarding their Council Tax they can contact Aberdeen City Council directly.

Financial Support and Assistance

Worried about money? Need advice on how to manage your money wisely?

Student Advice & Support Office (SASO)

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to discuss your personal circumstances with a Student Advice and Support adviser, you should contact the Student Advice and Support Office and ask for an appointment with a Student Advice Support Adviser.

Discretionary Fund

The University has funds, primarily from the Government’s Discretionary Funds, to help undergraduate and postgraduate students financially – usually by a non-repayable award. Once you have registered, you may be eligible to apply for assistance from this fund: we’ll normally ask you for evidence, such as your Award/Student Loan Letter, bank statement, rent etc

  • UK undergraduates and PGDE students must have applied for the maximum Student Loan amount available to them.
  • Awards will be made only for unexpected and/or exceptional circumstances: we can’t assist with tuition fees, normal living costs or missing parental contributions.
  • Having had a previous award does not guarantee another award.

Childcare Fund

The Childcare fund provides assistance with the formal childcare expenses for dependant children. Formal childcare includes registered childminders, after-school clubs, and providers of day care and education.
Only full-time UK undergraduates and PGDE students are eligible to apply for this fund.

  • Part-time students and other postgraduate students are not eligible to apply, but can apply for similar support from the Discretionary Fund.
  • Your personal and financial circumstances and those of your partner or spouse, if applicable, will be taken into account by the Assessor.
  • Only the costs of formal, registered childcare may be met from the Fund.

Applications can be picked up from the front of the Reception Desk at Student Support Services, Second Floor of The Students' Union Building, Elphinstone Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3TU.

We can usually give you a decision, by letter, within 3 weeks of receiving your application.

Funding opportunities

There are various sources of financial support which might be available to you during your studies. Our Bursaries & scholarships webpage directs you to a range of information on bursaries, scholarships, PhD vacancies and external sources of funding relevant to you.

Some scholarships might be available through your School, in which case further information will be available on the School’s web pages.

Student Loans