Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to accept paper applications as staff are currently working from home. Please email your completed SAAS Part Time Fee Grant application form to the Tuition Fees Team

Do not send supporting documents with your application; SAAS will ask for them if needed

Charges for part-time programmes are based on the credits or courses/modules you register for. If a programme is charged on a modular basis, this is noted on the fee rate list.

Assistance for Part-time Undergraduate Students

Part-time students studying up to 75 credits in any academic year and no more than 45 credits in either half-session (maximum) may be eligible to apply for the SAAS Part-time Fee Grant to help towards the cost of tuition fees.

SAAS Part-time Fee Grant


To qualify for this funding, you must:

  • have an individual income of £25,000 a year or less
  • be studying part-time Higher Education course(s), Professional Development Award (PDA) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at levels 7-10 of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
  • complete between 30-75 SCQF credits per year
  • be studying at a Scottish Institution
  • meet the residence conditions as set out in The Students' Allowances (Scotland) Regulations 2007

SAAS have further information on funding for part-time postgraduate study here.


  • Download the appropriate form from the SAAS website
  • Please ensure that your form is fully completed and email this to the Tuition Fees Team
  • The Tuition Fees Team will email SAAS with your application details.
  • Note that forms will not be endorsed and sent to SAAS until after registration when your course choices are made and finally confirmed.

Verifying your SAAS PTFG Award

  • SAAS will send you an Award Notice when they have assessed your eligibility.
  • follow the instructions on the Award Notice and email it directly to the Tuition Fees Team

Additional Information

  • No fee adjustments will be made to your student account until you have submitted your Award Notice to the Tuition Fees Team.
  • You will remain fully liable for payment of tuition fees until your Award Notice is received by the Tuition Fees Team.
  • We will assume you are self funded and personally liable for payment, if you fail to submit your Award Notice or submit it to the wrong Department and you will be invoiced for the full amount of your fees.
  • If your form is submitted to SAAS directly and not via the Tuition Fees Team, SAAS will reject your application as the University has to verify your course details.
  • You must submit your endorsed application form to SAAS within six months of the course start date otherwise your application will be rejected.
  • SAAS approval can take 28 days and it is your responsibility to contact them if you do not hear from them within that time.

Tuition Fees Team