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At the University of Aberdeen we care about what you think, and always want to be engaging in a two-sided conversation with our students. We are open to feedback from students about the entire spectrum of student experience, from teaching and assessment, to student accommodation, campus facilities and the support services on offer.

Inform is our feedback framework, which we use to actively listen to students. We then use this data to continuously improve the student experience. Below you can see the various forms of feedback and ways that you can use your voice to make a difference.

Inform Now

Use InForm Now to give us feedback, let us know how we can improve our service or what you love about the University.


Surveys are an important way for you to let us know about your University experience.

Focus Groups

Attending a focus group is a great way to provide your views and help to influence the development of services at the University of Aberdeen.

ASK Forums

Each year there will be several ASK Forums, providing you the opportunity to come face to face with your principal and ask any questions you may have about the University governing bodies and future or present strategic plans.

Feedback on Assessment

The University of Aberdeen recognises the importance of feedback in supporting and developing students’ learning, and is proactive in its approach to working with developments in this important area. It is also committed to working with the University’s Students' Association to enhance the student learning experience.

Other forms of feedback

The list doesn’t end with these, and there are multiple other ways that you can both give and receive feedback. Head to this tab to find our more about academic reps, student staff liaison committees and the student course evaluation forms.