You said, we did

You said, we did

You said - we said

Student feedback is used to shape the improvements we make to our services. Below you can see the improvements we’ve already made as a result of student feedback.


You told us that returning student orientation was too long and contained a lot of repetitive information.

We’ve streamlined the content and returning student orientation can now be completed in less than 20 minutes.

New students told us that it was confusing that orientation was split into two parts and hosted in two different areas

We’ve simplified this so that orientation is just one course which can be accessed through MyAberdeen.

University Systems

You said that you had trouble using MyCurriculum and MyTimetable and would like more guidance using the systems.
We’re creating two new resources for Toolkit, providing step-by-step guidance on using both systems. The existing guidance can be found here MyCurriculum. Keep an eye on Toolkit for updates.

You told us that you didn’t understand the C6 and C7 process
We’ve created additional guidance for students issued with a C6 to help you understand what support is available to you during this process. Watch this short video to find out more.

Students told us they wanted a more user-friendly registration process
We’re continuing to enhance the Student Hub to improve functionality and address student feedback around user-friendliness.

News students told us they didn’t understand how to use MyAberdeen
We’re now sending MyAberdeen Toolkit videos to all our new students, and will continue to promote these throughout the year.

Library Services

You told us that you struggled to use the library search tools

We conducted usability testing to enhance the user experience and reduce the complexity of search tools. As a result, we’ve improved the navigation on our website and primo, and addressed issued around cataloguing and discoverability. In addition, the login screen has been made more visible, and we’ve introduced search filters to help you find the resources you need.

Careers & Employability Service

You told us that you didn’t know what support was available from the Careers & Employability Service after graduation

We created a podcast, “So, You’re Graduating …What Next?” discussing the post-graduation career support available from the University.

Wellbeing Support

You told us that you didn’t know about our wellbeing and inclusion support services

We’re working on a Wellbeing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Toolkit providing easily accessible information to support students with diverse experiences and needs. This will include information on the support available for students through both University and external services.

Feedback on the Aberdeen Student Experience Survey

You told us that the Aberdeen student experience survey was too long and difficult to complete

We’ve invested in specialised survey tool to improve your experience completing the survey. This will make it easier for you to complete on mobiles and tablets, and help you complete the survey faster.

Qatar: Your campus experience

Students told us they didn’t know about the internships and volunteering opportunities available.
The Careers & Employability Service share internships and vacancies throughout the year. They also offer a range of co-curricular programmes for skills development. For further information, please contact

Students told us they like to have more lectures in one day rather than one lecture every day.
A considerable effort was made with timetables to ensure, where possible, students weren’t coming in every day. This is not always possible because of constraints in the number of rooms large enough for lectures but we will continue to review the timetable process to further support students.

Students said they would like more online lectures.
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education does not allow us to deliver online classes. If this position changes in the future, we would be happy to consider more online provision.

Students said they would like an easier process for buying books.
AFG College is reviewing the process for book purchasing. Students can pay with a credit or debit card in person by visiting our Finance department or by online transfer.