If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to discuss your personal circumstances with an adviser please email student.support@abdn.ac.uk. Student Support can provide advice about student loans, loans from other sources, budgeting and financial assistance for students. They can also help you to make contact with your funding body if you are having issues, and we can signpost you to other services who can assist you with money advice.


Budgeting & Money Saving

Coming to university can be a big change, and for many it’s the first time you’re having to manage your own money. This might seem daunting, but don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to control your spending and even save money while at uni!


• Use your status as a student to sign up for student discounts, deals and freebies

• Sign up for free trial periods - just remember to cancel before the time is up!

• Download the University’s loyalty and reward app, Yoyo Wallet. It is a great tool


• Keep track of your spending with the personal budget planner. Everyone’s income and expenditures will be a little different so make sure you figure out what’s best for you!

• Everyone’s budget is unique, figure out what your priorities are and budget thereafter Bank accounts

• Choose your bank account wisely, never assume that your interest rates stay the same, banks can change the interest rate at any time

• Do not get a bank account with a daily fee – if your account currently charges a daily fee, change account!


• Don’t buy a term-time bus pass straight away!  Aberdeen is a very walk-able city, so buy a two week pass at first and see whether you take the bus enough to justify the larger expense

• Get a free bike from BeCycle


• Arrange potlucks with your friends/flatmates to keep the cost of making a full meal down

• Bored of your leftovers? Don’t buy expensive lunches, arrange to swap leftovers with your friends for varied meals at a low cost

• Shop online to minimise the risk of straying from your grocery list and buying unnecessary items

For more budgeting tips please visit our Student Top Tips for Saving Money section below.


Advice for New Students

New students are advised to ensure that they have applied for their student finance by the date stipulated by their funding provider, i.e. SAAS or Student Finance England.

Please be aware that the payment of student finance is dependent on completion of registration and there can often be delays in receiving the first payment. With this in mind, we recommend that all new students arrive with enough money to cover their living expenses for the first month at University.


Childcare Fund

The Childcare Fund provides assistance with the formal childcare expenses for dependant children.  Formal childcare includes registered childminders, after-school clubs, and providers of day care and education.

Am I eligible to apply to the Childcare Fund?

If you wish to apply please read the Childcare Fund Guidelines, complete the Childcare Fund Application form and email along with your evidence to student.support@abdn.ac.uk.  If you are unable to edit a PdF form please complete and submit this word version Childcare Fund Application Form.

If you have any queries please read our FAQs.  If your query is not listed please email student.support@abdn.ac.uk.

Please note that the childcare fund can assist with costs during term-time only.

Closing Date 23rd October 2020.

Discretionary Fund

The Discretionary Fund is available to UK full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Some UK part-time students may also be eligible.  Once you are registered, please come and speak to us about applying.  This is usually a non-repayable award.

Am I eligible to apply to the Discretionary Fund?

Awards will be made only for unexpected and/or exceptional circumstances: we can not assist with tuition fees, normal living costs or missing parental contributions. We cannot assist with anticipated financial need.

If you wish to apply please read the Discretionary Fund Guidelines, complete the Discretionary Fund Application Form and return by email to student.support@abdn.ac.uk, We can usually give you a decision within 3 weeks of receiving your application.  If you are unable to edit a PdF form please complete and submit this Discretionary Form.

If you have any queries please read our FAQs.  If your query is not listed please email student.support@abdn.ac.uk





525 Bursary Fund

Open to all full-time and part-time students irrespective of fee status, the 525 Bursary Fund is supported by the generosity of alumni and friends of the University to provide current students with financial relief through bursaries up to the value of £525. Unlike other University funds, receiving a 525 Bursary would not preclude you from being considered for other University scholarships or bursaries. Likewise, those are already in receipt of a University scholarship or bursary are welcome to apply for a 525 Bursary.

If you wish to apply and you are a UK resident please complete and return a Discretionary Application to student.support@abdn.ac.uk along with your evidence to show that you are in financial hardship.  If you are an EU/International student please complete and return a Hardship Application to ausaadvice@abdn.ac.uk

If you have any questions please email student.support@abdn.ac.uk.

Emergency Financial Assistance

If you are experiencing a financial emergency, please contact us to make an appointment with a Student Support Adviser. They can provide advice about how to manage your finances and in some cases we may be able to provide a short-term loan or food vouchers for those in extreme, unexpected, financial circumstances.

Fees and Funding Opportunities

Please visit the Fees and Funding section which provides information about tuition fees and bursaries and scholarships.

Financial Assistance for EU/International Students

If you are experiencing a financial emergency, please contact AUSA.

Student Top Tips for Saving Money

Discounts and Freebies


Before purchasing anything, always look to see if you can get a further or better discount than your student discount. Below are a few tips:

Also make sure to download the Yoyo app for deals and discounts in all University outlets!


  • Amazon PRIME is free for 6 months if you register with your @aberdeen.ac.uk email address.
  • Sending a card for a special occasion?  Look at the Funky Pigeon or Moon Pig  promotion webpages first for current offers -  if you register for a new account you may get your first purchase free.
  • Haircuts or waxing? Use your local college (NECOL). Students require models to train on, and they sometimes offer their services for free or at very cheap prices in return for your time.  All services are supervised by qualified staff. 
Days/Nights Out
  • Always look for deals on the Discount Codes webpages before setting off.  Bring a picnic along so you are not tempted to buying overpriced sandwiches.
  • Worried about the cost of a night out but still want to socialise? Why not invite friends round to your flat/house instead, everyone can bring their own drink and food.
  • Cinema – Look for 2 for 1 deals, and always remember your student discount

Register with market research companies, for example Top10bestpaidsurveys, you can often get paid to shop/eat or you may receive goods in exchange for your time and feedback.

  • Free Food - Fare Share Movement
  • Online Shopping
    • Look for free delivery or a time slot that is during the morning as prices can be as little as £1.
    •  By doing online shopping you are sticking to your shopping list and you are not tempted to throw in goods that you don’t need. 
  • Freeze leftover food.
  • Prepare your meals in advance so you are not tempted to buy take-aways. 
    • You can always treat yourself to a take-away at the weekend if you stick to your food planner.
  • Organise a leftover swap with flatmates or friends – eating leftovers can get boring, but if you swap leftovers with your friends you get to try new foods while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Use a reusable bottle for your coffee and water – this will not only save you money but is also environmentally friendly
  • Do you have a garden?  Grow your own vegetables/herbs.
  • Also refer to our Off Campus web pages which have a vast variety of information on them!

Car insurance

  • When shopping on the compassion websites, try a few different occupations - yes you may be a student, but also try getting a quote that confirms your part-time job status as it may be cheaper than confirming you’re a student.
  • Add a parent/guardian as a named driver or vice versa - it may be cheaper to include someone even though they won’t drive your car.

Phone insurance

  • Do you need insurance?  Is your phone worth more than your 12 months instalments or annual policy?  If not, it may be cheaper to buy a new phone rather than paying for insurance.
  • Is your phone covered under your house insurance?  Ask your house insurance company or your parent/guardian company instead of assuming it’s not, as you may be paying for insurance twice.
Savings / Bank Accounts / Credit Cards

Savings and Bank Accounts

Choose your bank account wisely. Never assume that your interest rates stay the same, banks/building societies can change the interest rate at any time - you may have gotten the best deal at the time, but keep a close eye on your accounts:

If you have debt but you also have savings - if your debt interest rate % is higher than your savings, use your savings to pay of your debt unless you are not getting charged interest. Do not get a bank account with a daily fee – if your account currently charges a daily fee – change account!

Credit and Debit Cards

Do you have Debt?  Are you paying interest?  If you are shop around for a 0% balance transfer, if you are accepted transfer the whole amount and start paying off as much as you can and pay it back within the terms.

  • Do you live close by but use the bus/car?  Cycle or walk instead.
  • Get involved with BeCycle for a free bike, you just have to put down a deposit!
  • Parking – always look for a street with free parking or cheaper rate.
Top Tips

Start Creating a Sustainable Money Habits.

Got lots of old books, CDs, DVDs, Clothes, electrical goods, phones etc that you no longer use? Sell them!

  • Advertise on Gumtree, Facebook, University Social Media, School Notice boards, etc
  • Before advertising, check websites like Ebay to see how much they are selling for

Going home?  Driving?  If so , advertise for car buddies on Facebook, school noticeboards etc by listing when you will be leaving and where you would be willing to drop people off. Perhaps ask for fuel contributions.

  • Always know who you are taking with you in your car and let people know who is in the car with you.  Also empty your car boot, if you drive around with unnecessary weight you use more fuel.

Holidays – if you know in advance that you are going home for Christmas Break, Easter Break etc, book in advance:

Foreign Exchange – if you know in advance, start keeping an eye on the exchange rate. If you see a good rate, buy!

Going away for the week-end?  Shop around for cheap hotels, remember to always check out approximately 5 different websites:

Compare prices that include breakfast and without, as sometimes it may be £35 more to include breakfast when in fact, you could go elsewhere for breakfast and pay as little as £6.

  • If you are travelling as a group it could be cheaper to get an AirBnB and split the cost than to get separate hotel rooms.

Only use your gas or electric when required - switch everything off when not being used

  • Charge USB electrical goods at uni or work when using a PC.
  • Request a FREE smart meter from your service provider.

Need an item but only going to use it once?  Ask family and friends to borrow the item and return once finished.

Require new books?

  • Advertise on the School noticeboards/Social media etc for a used copy.
  • Look in your local charity shops, local car boot sales, school jumble sales before buying new.

Renting a flat

  • If your lease is coming up for renewal – shop around see if the rental market has fallen. If it has, ask your landlord for a reduced rate to be in line with other rental properties.

Got a spare room – advertise looking for a new flat mate. Always do checks before allowing a person to move in with you.


  • Always log onto free wifi
  • Download your providers’ app and keep an eye on your usage, don’t go over your Data allowance. 
  • Send pics via Messenger/WhatsApp rather than paying 25p per picture text.


Do you have a hobby that can make money?

  • If you play a music instrument, get involved in a society or band that will pay you!
  • Do you draw, knit, paint? Sell your goods on Ebay or Etsy, or have a stall at local fayres at Christmas or Easter. 


  • Do you use your gym membership? If not, cancel your direct debit and go pay as you go.
  • Use public parks, team up with friends and meet at the local park and create your own boot camp style workout – lots of fun plus socialising at the same time.

TV Licence

  • If you don’t own a TV or if you don’t use it to watch live TV you may not need to pay for a TV License – find out more.