Information Security

Find out how to keep your digital world safe

Find out how to protect your user identity, personal data, devices, and PC, and about the part you play in helping to keep the University’s data and systems safe. Staff and Postgraduate Research students must complete the MetaCompliance Information Security and Data training, which you can find in the Links section.

If you’re an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught student, you can find links to the iDEA training portal in the Links section. You are expected to complete five modules: Cyber Security, Digital Ethics, E-Safety, Safe Online and Social Media Ethics. Each module awards you a digital badge that you can use across multiple platforms including LinkedIn.

  1. Go to and sign up with your University email address in the format (

  2. Click on your name (top right) and under Organiser Group Codes add INFOSEC and click ADD, then click SAVE. This will add you to the University’s course area within iDEA.

  3. You’ll find the five courses you need to take in the Links section of this resource or within the Bronze Citizen section on iDEA

To find out more about MFA and your University Account Security, please see our IT Account Security resource.

For help, advice, and to report all information security incidents, contact IT Service Desk on: or x3636.

Last updated on 01 December 2023