IT Account Security

Set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and reset password

Staff and students are required to secure their IT account by setting up Microsoft Authentication.

Usernames can be looked up and passwords are often too easy to guess, so that's why almost all online services - banks, social media, shopping and Microsoft 365 - have added a way for your accounts to be more secure. You may hear it called "Two-Step Verification" or "Multifactor Authentication" but the good ones all operate off the same principle…

When you sign into an account for the first time on a new device or app (like a web browser) you need more than just the username and password. You need two things to prove who you are:

  • Something you know - Like a password, or a memorized PIN.
  • Something you have - Like a smartphone, or secondary email.

The Password Reset service is a feature of Microsoft Authentication. It allows you to reset or change your University IT Account password yourself - for example if you forget  it, or if you think your IT account has been compromised - and across all University logins.

For more information to step you through setting up MFA, and registering for Password Reset see our Guides and Videos or visit our FAQs

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Last updated on 21 April 2023