To become a fully registered student here at the University of Aberdeen, you need to complete the steps below at the start of your first year. Online Registration, as well as steps 3-5, need to be completed at the start of every academic year.

1. Start Your Registration Process

Complete these steps before arrival in Aberdeen.

  • Upload a photo of yourself now to ensure your ID card is ready when you arrive. 
  • Activate your IT account, email and password. *Please note this can only be completed 30 days before your start date.
  • Note your password - you'll use it to access everything, including WiFi.
  • Confirm your Personal, Financial and Academic details through Online Registration.
  • You must pay at least 50% of your tuition fees.
  • Sponsored students must send a copy of their sponsorship award letter to
2. Choose Your Courses Through MyCurriculum

Complete this step when you've completed Step 1 (please note that postgraduate research students, i.e. students studying for a PhD, do not need to complete MyCurriculum and should proceed to Step 3).

  • Select your courses using MyCurriculum.
  • Once you confirm your course choices, you can create your timetable in MyTimetable.
  • Download your personal timetable.

Please note: there is a delay of up to 3 hours between completing MyCurriculum and accessing MyTimetable.

3. Complete the Registration Process

Get yourself registered as a student.

  • Once you arrive in Aberdeen, you can collect your ID card. Please note that postgraduate research students should visit the Infohub after collecting their ID card to finish their registration.
    • ID cards will be available for collection at Infohub, with these exceptions:

      • Students staying in University accommodation will collect their ID cards from their Hall.

      • Student ID cards for Medics & Physicians will be available for collection from the School Office on the 3rd floor of the Suttie Centre.

      • Dental students can collect their ID cards from the Dental School Office.

      • All other ID cards are to be collected from the Infohub.

  • International students must bring:

You need a visa check if...

  • You're here on a T4 (Tier 4) Visa.
  • You pay fees as an overseas student.

Students arriving after the Welcome Week

Before coming to the Infohub to complete registration and collect their ID card, students arriving after Welcome Week should:

4. Orientation and Induction

When you arrive, we would encourage you to get as involved as possible with all of the different presentations and activities on offer to you as a new student!

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5. Registration on Campus

Registration support on campus will be held at Infohub for those starting in January, and at Elphinstone Hall for those starting in September.

If you need to reference a campus map please click here.