The following resources may be helpful when you are facing challenges and what you can do to address them. 

Find a GP

Halls / Accommodation



Practice Contact Details


Hillhead Halls



Old Aberdeen Medical Practice



12 Sunnybank Road

Aberdeen  AB24 3NG

Tel : 01224 486702

University Campus

Elphinstone Road,
The Spital


Don Street




Causeway View

and Powis Place

No specific practice





Ardmuir Properties

Denburn Medical Practice

Denburn Health Centre

Rosemount Viaduct

Aberdeen AB15 1QB

Tel : 0345 013 0740

King Street Exchange


King St Old Fire Station


Spring Garden


Mealmarket Exchange




Rosemount Hall

Trinity Court



These practices have identified capacity for student registrations but they are not the only practices with whom students may register. A list of practices who cover the area in which you reside can be obtained from Practitioners Services Division on 01224 358400

Alcohol and Drugs


For information on the effects of alcohol and tips on safer drinking, head over to the AUSA website.

More information:

Student Safety and Drugs

Studies show that students are more likely to take drugs compared to the general population. Before you have any involvement with drugs, make sure you know all the facts. The different names, the effects they have, the risks involved and what the law says. Know your stuff about the so-called ‘legal highs’ and find out how drugs can affect your brain in the short and long term. Head over to AUSA for more information on drugs.


If you’re worried about drugs or somebody that’s involved with drugs, talk to someone. There are support services both on and off campus, which are available for you to talk about anything in complete confidence. The University provides a range of support services and there are external organisations such as: 

More information:


These are relatively new products on the market and are still being developed. If you’d like to learn more about e-cigarettes, including their strengths and weaknesses, try the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s article on Electronic Cigarettes


The University Chaplaincy is open weekdays and most evenings to support a wide variety of society meetings, lunchtime seminars, prayer and study groups and other events.


The University Counselling Service offers short-term counselling for students and, additionally, we can help to signpost students to longer-term or specialist support resources, as appropriate.

First Aid

If you or a fellow student is involved in an accident on the University Campus and require a First Aider, you should go to the nearest University building and ask for a First Aider. There will usually be a First Aider notice displayed nearby with contact telephone numbers to reach them on.

If the accident is serious and/or life threatening then you should dial 999 immediately.

Everyday First Aid Advice

Physical Health

If you’re here for more than one semester, it’s important that you register with a local GP and dentist. That way, it’ll be easier to get an appointment when you need one.

You can use the NHS Service Directory to find the GP Practice, Sexual Health Clinic, Accident and Emergency Unit, etc. closest to your postcode.

Sexual Health

Maintaining a good sexual health is an important part of staying healthy during your time at the University of Aberdeen. Whether you need advice on contraception, check-ups, or are unsure what to do in a medical emergency – you can find it by following these links.


Free condoms, as well as more advice on sexual health, are available from AUSA Advice.

If something doesn’t seem right to you, get it checked out as soon as you can. Grampian Sexual Health at The Health Village is a free confidential clinic that provides services including dealing with STIs, emergency contraception, contraceptive implants and coils, as well as support and testing for men and women who have been sexually assaulted. You can call 0345 337 9900 to book an appointment or make an enquiry at any sexual health clinic in Grampian.

More information:


Information for students who become pregnant or adopt children, and their partners, can be found in the Academic Quality Handbook. Students are encouraged to discuss their circumstances with a Student Support Adviser. If you would like further information and details on the choices available to you, visit your local family planning clinic.

More information:

Staying Active

Here at the University of Aberdeen, we’ve got world-class sports facilities at the Aberdeen Sports Village that all of our students can take advantage of and students are invited to join any of the Student Union’s wide range of sports clubs.


Our £28 million Olympic Standard Sports Village boasts a full sized, 3rd Generation FIFA approved indoor football pitch, large state-of-the-art gym and a full programme of fitness classes.

The new Aquatics Centre opened in May 2014. This world class facility includes a 50 metre, 10 lane Olympic standard swimming pool, an international-standard diving pool with moveable floor and a health suite. It is located adjacent to Aberdeen Sports Village.

Students in Crisis

If you are experiencing a crisis, or emergency, and need urgent support please go to the Accident & Emergency Department of your local Hospital OR dial 999 and ask for an Ambulance.

During the day (0900-1700) - If you need to speak to someone urgently at the University you can contact the Student Advice & Support Office to speak with an adviser. You can visit us in person on the top floor of the Students’ Union Building or you can call us on 01224 273935.

Evenings and weekends - You can contact your GP Practice to request an Emergency Appointment. If the GP Practice is closed, you should telephone NHS 24 on 111 (NHS out-of-hours).

Other out-of-hours services for people in crisis are listed below:

Student Resident Assistants

A team of Student Resident Assistants and their manager, the Community Liaison Officer, are based at the Hillhead Student Village to look after the welfare of residents.

You can go to them with any welfare concern you might have; homesickness, exam worries, relationship or family problems, tensions between flatmates or simply if you need someone to talk to in confidence. They provide friendly, confidential support and can point you in the direction of appropriate professional services.

During Welcome Week, the SRAs will hold welcome meetings with your floor or block, and help you draw up some basic agreements with your fellow residents on issues like noise, parties, cleaning. They will also organise fun events for you throughout the year so that you will have plenty of opportunities to meet other residents and chill out together. If you have ideas on what events you would like to see in halls make sure you let them know.

On duty 6pm-6am
Tel: +44 (0)1224 274030   •
Community Liaison Officer available during daytime hours Tel: +44 (0)1224 274013