BeWell is designed to support you during key times throughout the year - below you will find details on some of our BeWell activities.


Meeting new friends and finding your community can make you feel happier and more secure. Below are some suggestions on places to meet new friends while at university. 

Be Active

Being active isn’t just good for our physical health; it’s also proven to have a positive effect on our mental health and wellbeing. Take time for a short walk during the day or take a new physical activity you enjoy or have always wanted to pursue.

Take Notice

Being present with your thoughts and feelings and with the world around you can boost your wellbeing. Try taking a break to sit quietly in the garden or park, listen to your favourite music or mindfulness session. Simple things can bring us joy.  


Learning improves our self-esteem and helps us adapt to change and find meaning in our lives. It can also help prevent depression in later years. Try learning something new today, read a new book or research something you’ve always been curious about.


Giving to others can create positive feelings and help you to connect with other people.  It can be as simple as asking a friend how they are or giving your time to listen to someone who needs support or company. Take the time to check in with a classmate or friend. A short phone call could be all it takes to brighten someone’s day.

Your Wellbeing Journey

Check out some of the great content available on our student helpline app called Spectrum.Life! More information about how to sign up to the app can be found here.