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BeWell Campaigns

Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes Awareness Week 14-20 June

During the week, we will be sharing personal stories of living with Diabetes and sharing some of the fantastic research conducted by our very own staff at the University of Aberdeen. 


University geophysicist David Cornwell talks about how the pandemic and change in the working environment has affected him and the management of his condition. 

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Aberdeen graduate and former regius professor JJR Macleod guided a team in the discovery of life-saving insulin. But as the world marks the centenary of the breakthrough, which transformed Type 1 diabetes from a death sentence to a manageable condition, his name is frequently omitted from celebrations. We explore how JJR Macleod became the forgotten man of insulin discovery and examine the efforts to restore his place in history 100 years on.

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Just months after graduating from the University in 1922, RD Lawrence was facing a short and certain death sentence. But a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes – the discovery of insulin pioneered by the team of another Aberdeen graduate – saved his life at the very last minute. We look at the extraordinary story of Lawrence and how the impact of what he ‘gave back’ to the diabetes community can still be felt today.

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BeWell Events & Workshops

Counselling Service Workshops

The Counselling Team provide workshops for students who would like to gain a better understanding of anxiety, low self-esteem and procrastination.

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Mindfulness Course

Join our free online mindfulness course. Guided by experts, you can dip in and study at any time.

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