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Beyond disciplines. Beyond borders. Beyond rigid thinking and traditional approaches…

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Everything you need to tell our story, and engage your audience through the words, the content and the designs that inspire them the most.

Beyond Boundaries is our brand platform. It is the north star that guides us as we seek to capture the attention of audiences around the world, inspiring them to join our community of boundary breakers to spark active, positive change.

Our brand principles remind us why we are here, the values that drive our actions, and the messaging through which we tell people – whether they are a prospect student on the other side of the world, a local policymaker, or a potential new research fellow – just what makes the University of Aberdeen, and our people, so great.

This is our brand and we are all brand ambassadors. We own the brand through our work and relationships, how we speak and act, and in turn our brand reflects this uniqueness to the world. The power of our brand lies in your ability to shine a light on what makes Aberdeen special: the words you use in content and conversation, and the images you use to present and tell the story of who we are.

Whether you are a brand novice or a creative pro, you will find all the tools you need to navigate our brand and best engage your audience:

Understanding brand

What is a brand ambassador?

We call ourselves brand ambassadors because in everything we do and say, we are representing the University of Aberdeen. A powerful brand makes us recognisable on an international stage and gives credence to our actions.

We want the brand to work for you. Our toolkits, templates and downloads have been created to give you powerful tools to tell our brand story with minimum effort. If you need something bespoke, the Brand and Design teams are here to help.

How does this contribute to Aberdeen 2040?

True to our roots as a Scottish University, our programmes combine breadth and depth, and draw their strength from the quality of our research. Our brand reflects the successes of our actions as defined by the Aberdeen 2040 Strategy.

We will achieve this through our work across four key strategic themes:

Our interconnected research creates new interdisciplinary pathways which address global challenges and create real-world change.

Addressing five interdisciplinary challenges:

How do I go beyond boundaries?

Every time you talk or write about the University, you are telling our story. We all tell this story in different ways and to different audiences, but our brand helps to keep the heart of this story the same.

To do this we need to understand the brand pillars and what ‘beyond boundaries’ means.

Our Brand Guidelines
Coming Soon

What makes us unique? What are the foundations on which our brand is built?

Our Tone of Voice
Coming Soon

How do we sound? Our tone of voice guidelines for storytellers and content creators.

Campaign Toolkits

We speak to many different audiences from Aberdeen to far beyond. Use these campaign toolkits to understand and best engage with our individual audiences.