We value diversity.

Our university is open to all. We will welcome staff and students of all backgrounds, and will connect with our communities and partners, locally, nationally and internationally. Our commitment to inclusion will guide our education, our research, and the projects we deliver.

We aspire to lead our sector in promoting health and wellbeing, and celebrating diversity.

Our inclusive commitments

We will:

  • Care for the wellbeing, health and safety of our diverse community, supporting and developing our people to achieve their full potential

  • Encourage widening access to study, by having fair and flexible entry routes, offering diverse qualifications, and providing a range of modes of delivery; our students will be able to succeed whatever their personal and social background

  • Develop a research portfolio that promotes national and international collaboration with stakeholders, including companies, organisations and governments

  • Secure the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion, achieving accreditation across multiple strands and characteristics

  • Eliminate pay gaps across all protected characteristics

Our approach acknowledges intersectionality. We recognise that each of us has many characteristics that combine to make up our lived experience. We will deliver high-quality support, relevant to individual needs. We will enhance our buildings and our services to make them more accessible, and we will continually improve our digital infrastructure and systems to enable everyone to learn and research effectively.

We will also look outwards and build partnerships with individuals, communities and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Scholarships and academic support to ensure that everyone can access learning

Carers Trust award for our support to young carers

If you would like to get involved in delivering Aberdeen 2040, contact us via email at: