Our Commitments

Over the next 20 years, we will fulfil our 20 commitments to be a more inclusive, interdisciplinary, international and sustainable university.

Our inclusive commitments

  1. care for the wellbeing, health and safety of our diverse community, supporting and developing our people to achieve their full potential

  2. encourage widening access to study, by having fair and flexible entry routes, offering diverse qualifications, and providing a range of modes of delivery; our students will be able to succeed whatever their personal and social background

  3. develop a research portfolio that promotes national and international collaboration with stakeholders, including companies, organisations and governments

  4. secure the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion, achieving accreditation across multiple strands and characteristics

  5. eliminate pay gaps across all protected characteristics

Our interdisciplinary commitments

  1. support a learning culture in which all our staff and students can exchange ideas and expertise across intellectual areas and organisational structures

  2. design new courses and programmes which encourage interdisciplinary learning, and ensure that all our students can experience innovative, challenge-led education involving external stakeholders

  3. build networks across our community to foster interdisciplinary interactions between our subject research strengths, using and sharing expertise to drive new understanding

  4. listen to and work with external stakeholders regionally and globally to build partnerships that deliver imaginative solutions to societal and industrial challenges

  5. develop our digital systems and enhance our buildings to create virtual and physical spaces that enable interdisciplinary exchange and innovation

Our international commitments

  1. provide an international education to learners from all around the world, becoming a more diverse and multicultural community

  2. equip our graduates for global employment through our curriculum and teaching methods

  3. harness our research expertise to form partnerships and networks around the world to meet the challenges of our age

  4. ensure all our students can have an international experience, by studying abroad or working collaboratively with international partners

  5. develop our campuses and processes to create a caring environment that is alert to cultural differences

Our sustainable commitments

  1. encourage everyone within our community to work and live sustainably, recognising the importance of our time, energy and resilience

  2. educate all our students and staff to be leaders in protecting the environment

  3. excel in research that addresses the climate emergency, enables energy transition and the preservation of biodiversity

  4. achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2040

  5. generate resources for investment in education and research year on year, so that we can continue to develop the people, ideas and actions that help us to fulfil our purpose

If you would like to get involved in delivering Aberdeen 2040, contact us via email at: aberdeen2040@abdn.ac.uk.