We think across borders.

We are a Scottish university that was founded with international connections. We are open to people and ideas from around the world. Whether in Aberdeen or in Qatar, we welcome students and staff from all nations.

Through outreach and the exchange of ideas, we will teach and research across borders. We already rank among the best for our global outlook. We will continue to expand our networks and partnerships, and seek new opportunities for international and intercultural exchange.

Our international commitments

We will:

  • Provide an international education to learners from all around the world, becoming a more diverse and multicultural community

  • Equip our graduates for global employment through our curriculum and teaching methods

  • Harness our research expertise to form partnerships and networks around the world to meet the challenges of our age

  • Ensure all our students can have an international experience, by studying abroad or working collaboratively with international partners

  • Develop our campuses and processes to create a caring environment that is alert to cultural differences

We will provide mechanisms and support for more staff and students to have an international experience. We will offer more transnational education, enabling learning across the globe with key partners. We will work tirelessly in the service of others to deliver international impacts by addressing the challenges facing our world.

28th in the world for International Outlook
(THE World Rankings 2020)

We have 700+ staff from EU countries

If you would like to get involved in delivering Aberdeen 2040, contact us via email at: