We learn together.

Our university will be a vibrant network of people – students, staff and partners – working across internal structures and geographical boundaries. We will celebrate our disciplinary strengths, and we will collaborate between subject areas to develop creative solutions to practical and societal problems.

Our interdisciplinary commitments

We will:

  • Support a learning culture in which all our staff and students can exchange ideas and expertise across intellectual areas and organisational structures

  • Design new courses and programmes which encourage interdisciplinary learning, and ensure that all our students can experience innovative, challenge-led education involving external stakeholders

  • Build networks across our community to foster interdisciplinary interactions between our subject research strengths, using and sharing expertise to drive new understanding

  • Listen to and work with external stakeholders regionally and globally to build partnerships that deliver imaginative solutions to societal and industrial challenges

  • Develop our digital systems and enhance our buildings to create virtual and physical spaces that enable interdisciplinary exchange and innovation

Our dynamic educational and research environment will be greater than the sum of its parts. By sharing our theories, concepts, data and expertise, we will explore and create new fields of knowledge. We will build synergies across teaching areas and research groupings, and will use emerging methods and technologies to ask new questions and make new discoveries.

Joint publications with 1,454 EU institutions over the last 10 years

9% of our total publications are with EU partners

If you would like to get involved in delivering Aberdeen 2040, contact us via email at: