We work responsibly.

We will show leadership in working for the sustainable future of our planet, setting an example to our sector and to society. We will evaluate all our actions for their impact on the environment, and will meet stretching standards and targets.

We will also use our resources wisely, plan ahead and secure new sources of income to ensure our university’s financial sustainability.

Our sustainable commitments

We will:

  • Encourage everyone within our community to work and live sustainably, recognising the importance of our time, energy and resilience
  • Educate all our students and staff to be leaders in protecting the environment
  • Excel in research that addresses the climate emergency, enables energy transition and the preservation of biodiversity
  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2040
  • Generate resources for investment in education and research year on year, so that we can continue to develop the people, ideas and actions that help us to fulfil our purpose

Our research will benefit our world, addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the climate emergency, and energy transition to a net zero carbon economy. We will also contribute to the prosperity of our region and the civic life of Aberdeen, working for the good of the area which we were founded to serve. We will prepare our students to be responsible citizens, inspired to make a real difference through their actions and their leadership.

To fulfil our purpose, our university must be financially sustainable. Our education and research will be designed to be of high value. We will seek new income sources, growing our postgraduate and online teaching, and attracting research funding from a wider range of sources. We will preserve the heritage of our buildings, and will enhance our digital and physical environments to serve staff and students, and to inspire creativity and excellence.

5th in the world for responsible consumption and production (Times Higher Impact Rankings 2019)

We are committed to net-zero carbon emissions before 2040

If you would like to get involved in delivering Aberdeen 2040, contact us via email at: