How do I adapt my course for blended learning?

As there will be no in person lectures on campus, we recommend creating alternative materials to be delivered asynchronously, which can be supplemented with synchronous session to build a sense of community. Consider if a pre-recorded lecture (asynchronous) lecture is the best alternative to delivering the content? If it is, we recommend you have an accompanying activity or questions to foster student engagement. The latter can be achieved by asking students to complete a short (3 – 5 questions) test on the content of the lecture or by designing a discussion-based activity which may relate to the content covered in more than one lecture.

An alternative to a lecture would be to use written materials, either by creating or using existing digitised reading material or by using open educational resources.

Please refer to the web pages: Lecture Capture - Frequently Asked Questions for further information.



When planning your lecture, think about the following:

Please refer to the web pages: Lecture Capture - Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Then when delivering your lecture, you can:

You might find the section Lecture Capture: FAQs of further interest, which includes topics such as Downloading Recordings.

Small Group Teaching (eg Tutorials)

Small Group Activities


Practical, Fieldwork and Placements
  • On your programme or course areas include clear information about expected practicals, fieldword and placements, providing relevant guidelines in MyAberdeen
  • Wherever possible aim to record practical demonstrations, perhaps using a webcam and Panopto, or your mobile phone and upload to MyAberdeen
  • Is there any resources you can re-use and share, such as YouTube videos, links to other sites.
Supporting your Students

Supporting Your Students

Students should have the opportunity to engage in synchronous sessions with their peers and academic staff to foster a sense of community and provide support.  This can involve the following:

  • Enable peer support opportunities, such as discussion areas in MyAberdeen or using webinar tools such as Collaborate
  • Provide drop in sessions via Collaborate
  • Arrange one to one meetings via Collaborate/Teams
  • Use messaging within your course