Inclusivity and Accessibility in Education Framework

Inclusivity and Accessibility in Education Framework

Commitment to Inclusive and Accessible Education

The University of Aberdeen’s commitment to inclusive and accessible education, which is part of the University’s 2040 strategy, aims to provide all students with the opportunity to reach their full potential. The University recognises the importance of this in its education practices, learning environments and in addressing harmful stereotypes or limited perspectives.

Reflecting its obligations under the Equality Act 2010, the University will not disadvantage or discriminate directly or indirectly in relation to education. All protected characteristics detailed in the Equality Act 2010 will be covered in the Inclusivity and Accessibility in Education Framework.

What is the Framework?

The Inclusivity and Accessibility in Education Framework draws together: guidance, policies, resources, support and specialist training provided to staff and students, notably by the Disability TeamAssistive TechnologyDigital Skills, and the Centre for Academic Development.

A key aspect of the Framework is the Inclusivity and Accessibility Reflection document, which includes a link to an example of a document completed for a fictional course. This will support all colleagues in their regular review of practices across the University from an Inclusion and Accessibility in Education perspective, and will help with the identification of areas where further change, resources and support may be needed, with a focus on enhancement and collaborative development.

This is a live framework and feedback is a key part of it, including through experiences in using it and in suggestions for other issues to be explored.