Tools for Teaching

Tools for Teaching

Tools for Teaching and Learning

Blended Learning Steps of deliver, design, engage, assess and evaluate

This brief guide was originally created to complement the Principles and guidance for Blended Learning materials when we were teaching during lockdown restrictions in 2020. The intention, which is now relevant to our Principles for the Delivery of Education, is to provide some practical suggestions on using our tools for teaching to help you deliver your learning, teaching and assessment online.  We have presented some key elements for consideration, enabling you to choose the most relevant tools for your learning and teaching activities, whether purely online, in person or hybrid.

Inclusivity and accessibility are integral components of every element of our learning, teaching and assessment and should be embedded in all our practices.

These elements are listed below and can be accessed through the left hand menu:

  • Design: Do I need to review my course design?
  • Develop: How do I adapt my course for a more flexible learning experience?
  • Engage: How do I engage my students online, including as part of the formal “C6/C7” engagement and monitoring process?
  • Assess: What are my options for assessment?
  • Evaluate: How do I evaluate my course?

Support for Staff and Students

The 'tools for teaching' that we reference are the ones which are supported by the University of Aberdeen. These are the tools which we will provide assistance with and help you get started with using them to support your learning and teaching activities.  Much of the help and guidance on using these tools are available through Toolkit or you can book on a course through the course booking system.  In addition, a course readiness checklist for staff has been created to help you quality assure your course.

Alternatively feel free to contact or for more technical issues please contact IT Service Desk.