How do I monitor and evaluate my course?

Whilst delivering your learning and teaching ensure you monitor your students engagement and where relevant take appropriate action. All courses should include opportunities for early informal feedback by students, as well as formal mechanisms such as course feedback forms. Whilst delivering your course you may have to change or adapt some items in response to informal feedback from colleagues and/or students. Also ensure everything is displayed as expected and meets the original learning outcomes and all necessary information is up to date and has been made available. 

Monitor Engagement

Monitoring Engagement

  • When did your student last logon to MyAberdeen?
  • Did they engage in an assessment activity
  • Participate in the introductions such as webinar or discussion
  • Participate in group work?
Student Feedback

Student feedback

  • Informal student feedback, using discussion areas, reflective postings, forms
  • Online focus groups via Collaborate/Teams
  • Course Evaluation Forms
Quality Assurance

Quality Control