What are my options for assessment?

As there will be no formal exam period at the end of the first half session, alternative approaches to in person examinations will have to be designed and implemented, this may be a useful opportunity to review your current assessment practices.  We offer some suggestions below on designing and implementing assessment, whilst also thinking about the tools you will use to provide informative feedback to your students.

Assessment Design

Assessment Design

  • Are your assessment opportunities aligned with your learning outcomes?
  • Formative assessment options?
  • Summative assessment options?
  • Streamlining assessment and making assessment practices more efficient
  • Consideration of Professional, Statutory, Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) requirements
  • Consideration of accessibility and inclusivity (eg disability provisions, differing time zones)
  • Remember to consider the reliability, validity, fairness, practicality and consistency of the assessment

Further inspiration and guidance can be found in the 'Alternative Assessment Guidance'

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Assessment Methods

Providing Feedback