MS Teams

Information on using Microsoft Teams

Teams is available to all registered University of Aberdeen staff and students. External sharing is also possible, allowing you to invite external colleagues (i.e. non ‘abdn’ domain) to be Team members.

Teams is Microsoft’s unified communication and collaboration platform, combining workplace messaging, video/audio meetings, file sharing and storage, and app integration.

Teams integrates with Office 365 applications, allowing collaboration in real time. Work on the device of your choice, anywhere, anytime. Schedule meetings via the Teams interface or by using Outlook’s Teams plugin.

Teams is on all University managed staff devices. On personal devices, access via any Office 365 app; or download from Microsoft. On mobiles, download the mobile app from your app store.

For an interactive demo site, full suite of training videos or downloadable user guides, please use the Links or Guides buttons.

This resource was last updated 17.12.20

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