Digitally Enhanced Learning Spaces

Overview of DELS rooms and how to use them

MacRobert 028 and the Med-Chi Hall have been redesigned to support active, collaborative and distributed learning as part of the University’s strategy to provide an outstanding educational environment.

The rooms consist of 6 or 7 bays for team/group learning. Each bay in MR028 benefits from a 55-inch display - with the facility for students to wirelessly project their own device’s screen onto the display - localised focussed sound, a web cam and microphone - allowing each group to independently web conference with external users - a tablet PC, wireless keyboard, and mouse. In Med-Chi Hall each bay has a built-in PC for the students to share during group work.

The main teaching wall in each room has three 84-inch interactive touchscreen monitors as well as a lectern from which the displays can be controlled. Optimal placement of speakers, microphones and voice-tracking video cameras enable crisp and clear lecture capture, as well as facilitate video and web conferencing sessions.

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Last updated on 10 August 2022