To become a fully registered student here at the University of Aberdeen, you need to complete the steps below at the start of your first year. E-registration as well as steps 3-5 need to be completed at the start of every academic year.

Step 1 - Electronic Registration (eReg)
To confirm your personal, financial and academic details and set up your University computer and email account (preferably, before you arrive) - you can find more information about how to do this here.
Step 2 - Photo Upload
Upload a photo for your student ID. Submit the photo and check back in a couple of days to see if your photo has been approved.
Step 3 - Choose your courses on MyCurriculum (All students)
To confirm your academic curriculum. For details on how to choose your courses, please check the MyCurriculum webpages for further information and important dates. Please note that there is an overnight processing delay between completing eRegistration and accessing MyCurriculum. Exchange students will choose their courses with their Go Abroad Tutor.
Step 4 - Choose your Tutorials on MyTimetable
Once your course choices are confirmed, you will be able to choose your tutorials, practicals and labs (where applicable) online using MyTimetable and then download your personalised timetable. Please note that there is a 2 hour processing delay between completing MyCurriculum and accessing MyTimetable. Further information is available on the MyCurriculum webpages. Exchange students will be able to access this after they have chosen their courses.
Step 5 - Collect your ID card and final checks
Student ID cards can be collected. International students will also complete their fees and visa checks at this time.
Step 6 -  Undergraduate and Postgraduate  induction information
School induction information will be available from the Undergraduate or Postgraduate section of this website. Details will also be available on campus at School offices and at the Infohub.

How and where to complete these steps will vary, depending on what 'category' of student you are, for example whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, visiting or off-campus student.

Follow the information within the 'New Students' Guide' and visit the Undergraduate or Postgraduate section of this website to find out when your School induction is.

Course Information

Information about your courses will be available on MyAberdeen, the University Virtual Learning Environment.