To become a fully registered student here at the University of Aberdeen, you need to complete the steps below at the start of your first year. E-registration as well as steps 3-5 need to be completed at the start of every academic year.

Registration Guides

Information on how to eRegister and choose your courses is available in the New Students' Guide, and reproduced here. 

Postgraduate Research Students

Visiting Students

How to Register
Step 1 - Electronic Registration (eReg)
To confirm your personal, financial and academic details and set up your University computer and email account (preferably, before you arrive) - you can find more information about how to do this here.
Step 2 - Photo Upload
Upload a photo for your student ID. Submit the photo and check back in a couple of days to see if your photo has been approved.
Step 3 - Choose your courses on MyCurriculum (All students)
To confirm your academic curriculum. For details on how to choose your courses, please check the MyCurriculum webpages for further information and important dates. Please note that there is an overnight processing delay between completing eRegistration and accessing MyCurriculum. Exchange students will choose their courses with their Go Abroad Tutor.
Step 4 - Choose your Tutorials on MyTimetable
Once your course choices are confirmed, you will be able to choose your tutorials, practicals and labs (where applicable) online using MyTimetable and then download your personalised timetable. Please note that there is a 2 hour processing delay between completing MyCurriculum and accessing MyTimetable. Further information is available on the MyCurriculum webpages. Exchange students will be able to access this after they have chosen their courses.
Step 5 - Collect your ID card and final checks
Student ID cards can be collected. International students will also complete their fees and visa checks at this time.
Step 6 -  Undergraduate and Postgraduate  induction information
School induction information will be available from the Undergraduate or Postgraduate section of this website. Details will also be available on campus at School offices and at the Infohub.

How and where to complete these steps will vary, depending on what 'category' of student you are, for example whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, visiting or off-campus student.

Visit the Undergraduate or Postgraduate section of this website to find out when your School induction is.

Course Information

Information about your courses will be available on MyAberdeen, the University Virtual Learning Environment.

Visa Checks

If you are an international student the University is legally required to check and take copies of your immigration documents before you can be allowed to complete registration. Please ensure you bring:

  • Your passport and a photocopy of all of its non-blank pages, including the page which was stamped on entry into the UK. This is to confirm your status to study in the UK.
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) – if you require one. If you need to collect a BRP on arrival in the UK this will have been detailed in the letter you were sent by UKVI containing your visa decision. You must ensure that you collect this  before trying to complete your Visa Check and more details on how to do this are available in our guide.
  • Your ATAS certificate, if you need one.

ID cards will NOT be issued until this check is completed.

Details of when, and where, the checks will take place are available on the Tier 4 webpages.

If you hold a Tier 4 visa, on further occasions throughout the year you will be emailed and asked to report to a venue with your documents for a Visa Check.

Student ID Card Collection

Student ID Card Collection

Providing that you have uploaded your photo and it has been approved, (log back into the photo upload website to check) your ID card will be available to collect during induction week.

Students staying in Halls

  • If you reside in University Halls of Residence, you will be given your student ID card upon arrival to your halls.

All other students studying on campus

  • Postgraduate research students in the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition will receive their card from Reception in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill
  • Visiting students in the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition will receive their card from Reception in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill
  • All other cards can be collected from the Infohub in the Students' Union building.

Please allow three full working days from submission of your photo before collecting your card.

  • Distance learning/ Flexible learning students - please email stating your ID number and the address that you would like your ID card to be sent to.

Please ensure that you bring your Certificate of Acceptance and any confirmation of payment you may have made towards your tuition fees.

If you are sponsored please ensure that you bring one copy of proof of your sponsorship to registration, which the University will retain.

School Office Locations and Contacts


Arriving Late?

Students arriving after the Induction Week should:

before coming to the Infohub to complete registration and collect their ID card.