It's never been easier to report phishing email

It's never been easier to report phishing email

Phishing emails are by far the most common entry point for cybercriminals seeking to carry out major attacks such as Ransomware. That's why we've introduced the Report Phishing button to Outlook - a simple and quick way for you to report any phishing emails you receive to IT Services.

Where is the button?

On Outlook Desktop app, you’ll find the Report Phishing button under the Home tab, on the far right of the ribbon.

How do I report a message?

First make sure the message you want to report is selected. Then simply click the Report Phishing button.

What happens next?

A copy of the email is sent to us immediately. We assess the email based on various factors including the reach of the message and severity of the threat and, if necessary, take action to protect the University.

Additionally, the email is reported to Microsoft’s global threat intelligence network, helping them prevent malicious emails being delivered via their email service.

Can I report phishing from Outlook web and mobile apps?


Outlook mobile app

Open the message and expand the message options by tapping the 3 dots at the top right of the message header.

From the pop-up menu, tap Report Phishing.

Outlook web app (OWA)

Select the message in OWA and open More Actions by clicking the 3 dots on the right of the message header.

From the pop-up menu, select Report Phishing.

Want to test your phishing detection skills?

Check out Google’s quiz to see if you can spot a phish:

Find out more

You’ll find more information on protecting yourself from Phishing email in Toolkit’s Information Security resource.


Author: Information Security Team, DDIS

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