Engage project update

Engage project update

The Engage project, part of the University's Digital Strategy, is progressing well.

Community of Authors

A recently established ‘community of authors’ met with teams from External Relations, Marketing, and IT for the first time in January.

The group had the opportunity to discuss ways of making website content unique and engaging to our external audiences, and to highlight areas where they might need support in achieving this. Dr Greg Gordon spoke about how the School of Law has been working with the Engage team to improve the profile of their pages on the University website, and presented prototypes of the School’s new pages. We are planning further ‘community of authors’ events for the end of February and hope they will be a regular occurrence thereafter.

Content audit

Over 30,000 pages – including out of date and duplicate content – have been deleted from the University website since the project started; and the number of URLs has reduced from 1,200,000 to 303,000. This is a huge achievement on the part of school and section web editors. We’re headed in the right direction.

Support for content editors

We are compiling a digital repository where site editors can find guidance on managing their web pages. The repository will include links to resources such as user guides, policy documents, and training materials and should be available by the end of this month.

We held our first OpenText drop-in sessions this week on both the Old Aberdeen and the Foresterhill campus. While these sessions are aimed at new authors and editors, all web editors who would like help managing their website or working through actions arising from last year’s site audits, are welcome to attend. Sessions are supported by representatives from the Web Team, Training and Documentation, and Marketing and Communications. See www.abdn.ac.uk/staffnet/working-here/it-web.php#panel6925 for dates of forthcoming sessions.

About Engage

The Engage project aims to identify and prioritise areas of development for the University website and social media and to help establish and communicate the University brand to all customers and stakeholders.