News coverage showcases University's expertise

News coverage showcases University's expertise

Staff in several schools have received significant news coverage this semester. Here are just a few examples of researchers who gained national and international coverage, working alongside colleagues in the Communications Team in External Relations:

IVF online calculator predicts individualised chances of couples having a baby - Online coverage alone for this research topped 31 million.  It was also broadcast on the main evening news programmes in Scotland (a million viewers) plus a combined newspaper audience of 3.5 million.  It also went global, getting coverage in Malaysia, Africa, Japan, Jordan and various US and Australian websites.

Hebridean rock provides clue to life on Mars – was covered by UK’s biggest newspapers and the BBC website.

Researchers find 'Game of Thrones' may be the key to 'Breaking Bad' relationships - reached a potential audience of 37 million when it was published on Netflix’s Facebook page, and broadcast on Chris Evans breakfast show.  

Hitler’s secret autobiography - Prof Weber’s exclusive with a German broadcaster went worldwide: the US (including CNN), Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, India, Asia, Namibia, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan….plus Al Jazeera, the biggest UK newspapers and BBC online.

No need to wait to conceive after miscarriage - was carried by the BBC locally and UK-wide, STV, Sky radio and local radio.  It featured in all major national newspapers and online coverage stretched as far as The ‘Peking Press’ and 

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