Family and Home

Family and Home
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A Christmas Prayer by Rich, Lilianne Grant
A Daith in the Faimly by Davidson, Margaret
A Dream by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
A Letter to Aberdeenshire H.Q. by Creighton, Elma
A Question o Mainners by Middleton, Ian
A Stitch in Time by Wheeler, Les
A Trip tae the Blue Toon by Ritchie, Kathleen
Aiberdeen at War by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Beatrice Bisset, Robert Kilgour, Agnes Kinnaird)
Airport Sklaik by Robertson, Rhona
An Evening in Paris by Morrice, Molly
An Owersetting inno the Doric o 1 Corinthians 13 by Booth, Gordon
Andro by McEwen, Gavin
At the Shopping Centre by Blackhall, Sheena
At the Shopping Centre by Blackhall, Sheena
Auntie Belle fae Keith by Forbes, Bertha


Braemar, the Snawy Airt by Thain, Isabella
Byre Kitchen and Stable by Birnie, Rev. Charles


Changin Times, Changin Faimlies by Blackhall, Sheena
Christmas by Blackhall, Sheena
Confirmed Bachelor by Gordon, Donald


Divorced Fae Reality by Benzie, Lesley


Elspet by Rorie, Dr. David
Elvis by Morrice, Molly
Epistle ti a Maisic Teacher by McEwen, Gavin


Fareweel Tae Tarwathie by Traditional Ballad
Farewell Tae Yer Bunions by McKenna, Betty
Father and Son (1941) by Diack, Hunter
Fire by Blackhall, Sheena
Fit's a Chuncer Da? by Buchan, William
Flee Cemetaries an Futterats by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mr. Robbie, Mrs. Robbie, Sandy Walker, Sandy Robertson)
Frunkie by Wheeler, Les


Gimme-Time Blues by Blackhall, Sheena
Gin I Wis Fit Am Nay by Maloney, Iain
Gloria Carrot by Blackhall, Sheena
Goose-Herd by Blackhall, Sheena
Granny by Blackhall, Sheena
Granny Davidson by Munro, Mary
Granny's War 1939-46 by Allan, Betty
Grounded by Blackhall, Sheena
Growin up Aside the Gadie by Watson, Algy
Guttersnipe by Morrice, Ken


Hairy Tatties by Buchan, Peter
Hauns by Blackhall, Sheena
Heid-Bummer by Blackhall, Sheena
Hogmanay by Munro, Mary
Hogmanay in Cromar by Green, Belle
Holiday Lament by Wheeler, Les
Hush Little Bairnie by Falconer, Joyce


In a Little Old Town by Angus, Marion
Inverurie Langsyne by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Daisy Dey, aged 91)
It's Later Than you Think by Wyness, Lys


Jist Waatch It! by Wheeler, Les


Learning the Good Book by Chalmers, Aimee
Letter Tae a Namesake by Birnie, Rev. Charles
Life in a Deeside Village by Gaffron, Aileen
Life on a Birse Fairm by Farquharson, Helen
Lowsin Time by Wheeler, Les


Makin' m' Kite by Johnston, William
Midgies, the Undead, and Conversation Lozenges. by Broomhill Reminscence Group (Daisy Dey)
Mister McCafferty by Blackhall, Sheena
Mobile Phones by Blackhall, Sheena
Muggie-Anne by Creighton, Elma
Murrel In by Christie, Frank


Och Dad! by Johnston, William
On Finding a Wall Clock Broken on The Floor by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
Overheard by Morrice, Ken


Peats an Claik by Robertson, Arthur
Portrait of a Granny. by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mrs Moss)
Psalm 137 by Booth, Gordon
Psalm 23 by McEwen, Rev. James S.
Punk wi a Small p by Benzie, Lesley


Sandy MacDandy by Wheeler, Les
Scots Advent (A piece eence deen fur the wireless) by Ogston, David
Seen bi the Windae Cleaner by Blackhall, Sheena
Senses by Blackhall, Sheena
Shairp Practice by Wheeler, Les
Shift It! by Wheeler, Les
Sic Transit by Caie, J.M.
Skyscraper Faimly by Blackhall, Sheena
Stoor-Sooker by Wheeler, Les
Street Traders an life aroon the Castlegate 1920s- 1930s by Constitution Court Oral History Group (Rosie Allan, Madge McDermott, Jim McDonald, Chrissie Yule, Betty Robertson, John Flett)
Sunty by Glennie, James
Swingin Sixties by Blackhall, Sheena


Tae a Clootie Dumplin by Emslie, Mary
Tea by Millar, Robert McColl
Telephone Conversation by Davidson, Margaret
The Aul Sodger by Johnston, William
The Aul' Wash Hoose. by Johnston, William
The Beast o Kindrochit by Wheeler, Les
The Bus by Blackhall, Sheena
The Bushgrave Gairden by Wyness, Lys
The Clearances by Gaffron, Aileen
The Collieston Fisherwife (circa 1900) by Mackie, Dr. Lewis
The Cowpit Cairt by Mackie, Dr Lewis
The German Invasion o Dess, an the Hunt for the Pink Elephants. by Taylor, Alistair
The Granfaither Clock by Taylor, Alistair
The Gweed Life by Wheeler, Les
The Humble Tattie by Middleton, Ian
The Joys o Gaun Bi Bus by Jaffray, Heather
The Loons fa Niver Grew Aul by Green, Belle
The Lum Hat Wantin' The Croon by Rorie, Dr. David
The Minefield 1935-46 by Allan, Betty
The Ootlin by Ogston, David
The Peer o the Pairish (An Owersettin inno Scots bi Sheena Blackhall o a true tale bi George Reid, Inspector o the Peer, Aiberdeen) by Reid, George
The Prodigy by Benzie, Lesley
The Rubbits Got Ma Parsley by Birnie, Linda
The Vigil by Ogston, David Rev.
The Whistle by Murray, Charles
The Windae Cleaner by Blackhall, Sheena
The Wird o' God by Munro, Mary
There's Aye a Something by Murray, Charles
Thinkin Aheid by Gaffron, Aileen
Three Tinkers by Blackhall, Sheena


Uncannie Places by Goodall, Phyllis J.
Uncle Sandy's Gless Ee by Taylor, Alistair
Up Abeen by Gaffron, Aileen
Up The Stairs by Blackhall, Sheena


Walker by Wheeler, Les
Washin Day Langsyne by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Robert Kilgour, Jane Irvine, Agnes Kinnaird, Beatrice Bisset)
Weemin's Wark (On a Ferm In The 1930s) by Birnie, Rev. Charles
Willie's Dog by Wokoma, Pat
Winter Fairm by Wheeler, Les


Yer First Date by Munro, Mary
Young Byron In Aberdeen by Scott, Alexander
Young Toun Crazies Rule, O.K.? by Blackhall, Sheena