Auntie Belle fae Keith

Auntie Belle fae Keith

Forbes, Bertha

She eesed tae meet us at the door wi the greetin, 'Oh, it's yersel!' even tho we hidna been tae see her for at least six months. Showin us intae her cosy wee hoose, the smell o polish permeatin the air, we were telt tae takk a seat.

'Ye'll hae a howpie o tea,' she wid say, as the auld fashioned fluted cups wid be taen frae the muckle dresser and laid on the table wi its fite cloth.

Fan it cam tae denner time....for we aye made an early start , as Keith wis twa oors awa....we hid tae boo oor heids in prayer afore partakin o the meal.

The thing I myne aboot the meal wis the pudden. It didna maitter fit it wis, Auntie aye took a speenfae o milk tae feenish it aff.