Three Tinkers

Three Tinkers

Blackhall, Sheena

Tune: Tramps & Hawkers

Midsummer - East Fife -
James Macintosh Patrick

Three tinkers chappt at the haa door, they prigged fur crusts o bried.
The young laird banned them frae the place, wi curses on their heid.
Three tinkers cam wi pooches teem, three crumbs wis aa they socht.
The laird raise frae his table fine, an drave them aff wi nocht.

Afore the flooer sat on the gean, the young laird's chikk grew gray.
Afore the blossom touched the grun, the laird wis in the clay.
Three tinkers chapt at the haa door, the lan frae far they cam,
Has riveries reid wi human bluid, that nae fish iver swam.

Nicht niver faas in thon fey lan. The raindraps frae abeen,
Are aa the tears o bitterness that faa frae human een.
There is nae Springtime in thon place, nae simmer, saft an braw.
There Winter reigns eternally. The Sizzen o the craa.