Staff meeting rooms - new booking process

Staff meeting rooms - new booking process


Members of staff can now exclusively use Outlook to schedule (book) meetings rooms for University business.

A fact sheet has been produced, outlining the simple steps for booking a meeting room using your existing Outlook.

This new process includes the following rooms:

  • Edward Wright F61
  • Edward Wright Annex G04
  • James Scotland Suite in MacRobert Building: Rooms 027, 028, 029
  • Sir Duncan Rice Library meeting rooms: Rooms 706, 707, 711, 71


  • University Office: Court Room, Committee Room 2 and the Video Conference Suite
  • MacRobert meeting rooms: Rooms 509, 609, 721

(Please continue to use for these rooms until updated notification on StaffNet)

 In order to make it easier to find an appropriate room, a standard naming convention has been introduced: campus (OA or FH)-Building-Room (e.g. OA-Edward Wright-S95 or FH-Polwarth-0:054). These room accounts are all searchable with the Outlook directory. A full list is also available on StaffNet.

For bookings in the Library, please ensure you consult the Room Booking Guidelines prior to submitting a request, and include a Room Booking Form.

Requests for bookings from the Central Teaching Pool will still be handled by

For further information, please contact         

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