Lunchtime Seminar: Research and FutureLearn

Lunchtime Seminar: Research and FutureLearn
28th January 2015, 13:00 – 14:00

Presented by Professors Mike Sharples & Russell Beale, FutureLearn

FutureLearn is the University of Aberdeen’s chosen Massive Online Open courses (MOOCs) partner. This lunchtime seminar will address the opportunities which engagement with FutureLearn offers for research. These include: research into MOOCs and massive-scale learning; research with MOOCs using a course to collect data from many diverse participants; running a course to demonstrate research impact and public engagement with research. Professors Sharples and Beale will give examples of all these research aspects and run a discussion on how the University of Aberdeen could develop research benefits from FutureLearn.

Russell Beale is Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Centre in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, UK, and a Professor of HCI.   He has been involved in research into interaction for many years, and focuses on using AI approaches coupled with highly usable designs.  He has been involved with FutureLearn from the beginning, firstly as Critical Friend and now on the research and academic side.   As well as his work on pedagogies and interaction design for MOOCs, he has done research on user-centred knowledge discovery, on intelligent support for browsing and on optimum information presentation in complex situations.  He has been involved in the design and build of intelligent architectures to support information access for both mobile learning and visualisation.  His current interests are in how users can interact with complex information; ubiquitous, pervasive and mobile computing; and how technology impacts and affects our social structures and activities.

Mike Sharples is Professor of Educational Technology in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, UK. He also has a post as Academic Lead for the FutureLearn company. His research involves human-centred design of new technologies and environments for learning. He inaugurated the mLearn conference series and was Founding President of the International Association for Mobile Learning.  He is Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. He is author of over 300 papers in the areas of educational technology, science education, human-centred design of personal technologies, artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

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