Cartographer leaves University after 40 years service

Cartographer leaves University after 40 years service

A University of Aberdeen Cartographer, who during two stints at Old Aberdeen has drawn up 40 years’ service, will leave the University next week.

Alison Sandison joined the University in 1969 as a trainee Cartographer and stayed at the University until 1979 when she left to start her family.

After bumping into a former colleague and being told that there was a vacancy in the team,  Alison returned to Old Aberdeen in 1986 where she has remained for the last 30 years.

Alison commented: “I actually can’t believe it has been so long! I’ve loved working at the University and over the years have been lucky enough to work with lovely people.

“Seeing students’ progress through the careers, going from being students to becoming lecturers has been a real highlight.

“The department has certainly changed – I remember having to make up ink for drawing maps but of course everything is now done electronically, that was a wonderful change as it meant no longer having to redo every piece of work multiple times!

“I will certainly miss working here. I started here as soon as I’d finished secondary school at 17 so I think when I finish up next Thursday, it will definitely be an emotional time for me.”

Alison certainly won’t be taking it easy when she leaves the University for good, with her first grandchild due in June she is sure she will be kept busy!

Colleagues are invited to attend an informal gathering on Thursday (March 31) at 10.45 in the map room of St Marys to wish Alison all the best in her retirement.

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