Mentoring Programme 2016

Mentoring Programme 2016

In our 2015-2020 Strategic plan, the University of Aberdeen outlined 'People' as being at the heart of our vision. The plan outlines our commitment to create a supportive environment for staff, empowering them to achieve their potential and career goals.

Mentoring is identified as one of the key development opportunities the University will make available for staff as part of this commitment. Mentoring functions as a supportive mechanism to aid staff in identifying and achieving their career goals. In addition, mentoring contributes to the University’s mission to create a culture of equality and diversity as it is a tool through which groups that are under-represented in more senior positions or in particular areas of the university can be supported to gain access to career opportunities.

We are currently recruiting Mentors and Mentees – should you like to participate as either please complete some details by clicking here.

In support of this we are hosting Mentoring Programme events for each College and Professional Services on the dates given below. These events will include endorsement from Mentoring Champions, previous mentors and mentees, an overview of the scheme and skills involved, and some speed mentoring in action. We would be pleased to welcome you, if you should like to attend one of the relevant sessions below please register your interest on course bookings here.

CLSM: 6 April, 11am - 2pm

COPS: 22 April, 11am – 2pm

CASS: 27 April, 11am – 2pm