New 'Mailing Lists' service

New 'Mailing Lists' service

Our comprehensive new service is flexible, reliable, easy to use, and will help you reduce the time you spend on list management.

The following mailing list services are available.

For mailing staff:

  • Automated Lists: internal membership, governed by HR database and updated nightly, available in Outlook’s GAL
  • Self-Managed Lists: internal and external membership, managed via Mailman
  • List – Staff: for circulation of information to all University staff, moderated by the Communications Office

For mailing students:

  • Course Lists: auto-generated from SRS data and available via the VLEs
  • Specified Lists: created in, and based on parameters within, SRS (e.g. School, discipline, programme, session, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc Lists: one-off emails sent to specific cohort based on parameters within SRS (e.g. all students in a School who have a home address in a specific country)
  • Self-Managed Lists: for student societies, managed via Mailman
  • All students: for circulation to all students or student types, i.e. undergraduate, taught postgraduate, research postgraduate, moderated by the Communications Office

To find out more about the features of each service, including request process and support, see our Service Guide at