Phishing alert - be on your guard!

Phishing alert - be on your guard!

The University has been receiving many phishing emails recently. Specifically, we are seeing emails with attachments pretending to be from Amazon or similar. Please remember not to open attachments from unknown or unexpected sources.

Can you spot a phishing email?

Phishing emails are designed to lure you into disclosing personal details by impersonating a genuine business or institution.

While some phishing emails are obviously fake, many others are more sophisticated and it’s getting harder to tell if an email is genuine or not.  

We’ve produced a fact sheet that will help you spot the tell-tale signs of phishing email - before you’re caught out.

Find out today! 

But maybe you think you already know how to spot a phishing email? Why not take Dell’s SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test today and find out! 

Still unsure?

If you’re still unsure, or if you would like advice, contact the Service Desk – or

Find out more about IT Security and how you can help to keep your data and our data and systems safe by logging into MyAberdeen at and clicking on the link to IT Security Awareness (centre screen, under My Organisations).

And remember

The University, your bank, or any other reputable business will NEVER ask you to reveal, update or verify sensitive information - such as password, username, and account details - by email. If you receive an email that asks for this information, delete it.