Message from Principal - safety survey

Message from Principal - safety survey

Dear Colleagues

At the start of next week you will receive an invitation to participate in a survey to find out what you think about health and safety at the University. 

It is essential that, across all areas of the University, we have exemplary health and safety practices and processes.  We should be rightly proud of our record in health and safety and of the arrangements which our Schools and Professional Services have developed.  Yet it is incredibly important that we are not complacent and that we always seek to improve.  

That is why in partnership with the Health and Safety Laboratory (which is part of the Health and Safety Executive) we are conducting a survey to obtain your views and ideas for improvements.  The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and all submissions will be anonymous.  The Health and Safety Laboratory will analyse the responses and these will be presented in a report which I will ensure is made available to all members of staff. 

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all members of staff to engage with open and honest responses to the survey and, in so doing, to help enhance the culture of health and safety at our University.


Professor Sir Ian Diamond

Principal and Vice-Chancellor