Funding for Study and Research in Germany

Funding for Study and Research in Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and other organisations offer a variety of programmes / scholarships for undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD students, postdocs, junior scholars and senior academics.

Information event:  30th  October, MT6

4pm: undergraduates and postgraduates (get firsthand information from students who have been to Germany)

5pm: academic staff


Opportunities include:

Undergraduates: University Summer Course Grants for advanced undergraduate students with a good knowledge of German (

RISE: summer placement programme for undergraduate students in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences and Engineering  (

Postgraduate Students (Master, all disciplines): One-year Grant for graduate students to study or do research at Master's level at any institution of higher education in Germany (

PhD Students, Postdocs and Junior Scholars: Research Grants (all disciplines) 1-6 months ( or 1 year (

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships (energy, transportation, space, aeronautics) For outstanding scientists and researcher to conduct research at the German National Research Centre for Aeronautics and Space  (

DAAD-Roche Diagnostics Post-Doctoral Programme (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, bio-informatics or biochemistry) One-year scholarships for young post-doctoral researchers to do research at Roche’s biotechnology centre in Penzberg (near Munich) (

Senior Academics: Study Visits to universities, research institutes, libraries and archives in Germany for the duration of 1-3 months (

Temporary Lecturing Assignments for UK academics at the various types of German institutions of higher education, 1-4 semesters (

Visits by German Guest Lecturers to the UK 5 to 10 days ( or 1 to 6 months (

Special Programmes: Group Study visits to Germany For degree-course students wishing to take part in study visits under the supervision of academic staff members, 7-12 days (

Further information:

Ina Knieselies, DAAD-Lektorin, German Department,
01224 272633