High Performance Computing service launched

High Performance Computing service launched

The University's new High Performance Computing (HPC) service was officially launched on 23 April and is now available for use by researchers across the institution.

What is HPC?

The HPC service is a cluster of specialist computers that can provide large amounts of processing power. Typically it can be used to solve difficult computational problems which are either too large to solve on a conventional laptop/workstation or which would run too slowly because of the size of data or the complexity of algorithms.

The University’s cluster is named Maxwell after James Clerk Maxwell, the eminent Scottish theoretical physicist who spent a number of years as a professor at the University’s Marischal College.

Why use HPC?

  • Does your research require the processing of large amounts of data?
  • Does the processing of your data takes weeks/months on a personal computer?
  • Does your desktop computer have insufficient memory or storage space to process your data?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, there is a high probability the HPC service could benefit your research in the following ways:

  • Delivering results faster
  • Improving time to science and market
  • Propelling new results and discoveries
  • Developing and innovating new and revolutionary products

Want to find out more about Maxwell?

For more information about Maxwell and the HPC service, including details on how to access the cluster, visit the Research Computing pages on StaffNet.